Rooftop Camping: drive to your site and climb up on your roof-top tent from Tepui Tents

Tepui Tents is out of Santa Cruz California. They designed and created an incredibly well constructed tent that secures to the top of your car or truck rack. On top of a trailer. High quality polyester fabric with a mattress in size. Interior pockets. A ladder that extends to 8’6”. You can put it on just about any height vehicle. Models start at $895 and go up to $2500. As long as you have a vehicle with a sturdy crossbar or side rail system, they will work.

Stainless steel brackets attach the tent to the car. 13 different models. They fold down into half the size on top of themselves. High-quality pvc cover that makes it so you can keep it on top of your vehicle all year round. 12” tall and between 48×56 to 72×56.

I climbed up into this tent and immediately wanted on on top of my car all the time so I could pull over and take a nap. It beats the crap out of pulling over and reclining your seat and the extra security of being off the ground and in contact with your vehicle is a definitely bonus.IMG_6646

I was amazed at the construction of these tents. The ladder is no joke. And when your first step is on something of this caliber, it makes you trust the whole structure from the start. It’s as if every single stitch was painstakingly discussed and designed to withstand anything you could throw at it. It looks like something you’d buy once and always have. In other words, when you go to buy gear and have moved away from the disposable, one and done world of most manufactured products, and you think, “I want to spend the money to get something that will last, that I will use over and over and won’t need to be replaced,” this is it.

The mattress is very comfortable and there’s plenty of room for someone my height (5’10”). I didn’t feel claustrophobic. I thought my 4-year old daughter would freak out at a camping trip with this.

I also got the impression that the people who designed and built the tents LOVE them and camping and if you had an issue you could just call them and they’s say, let me send you a new rivet or something like that. I love small passionate companies like Tepui that design really cool gear because they care. They want it to solve a problem and open up the world to those of us who want to start exploring again. I do a lot of traveling and the idea of this tent, with it’s incredibly easy pop up and take down, is incredibly appealing.

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