Riviera Paddlesurf is experimenting again, this time with a prone prototype

Riviera Paddlesurf prone paddleboard protoype

It looks like the Rambo lab in San Clemente, CA is churning and bubbling out some new shapes including a stock prone design for Thomas Maximus Shahinian and Rob Rojas. (The black one is Thomas’ new race board. It is a flat deck prototype, full nose, wide deck, wide tail.)

From Taylor Rambo:

We’ve been thinking about it for a while. And Thomas and Rojas have been bugging us to make one, especially right before BOP. We’ve been getting requests for a prone model from Tahiti. This is the first one we’ve made. We took what we learned from making standup boards and adapted it to the prone board. We’re testing it this week to see it against other boards. We’ll figure it out, refine it and come out with a production model when it’s perfected.

I asked about the difference between making a SUP and a prone and Taylor responded,

“The one thing is that the rocker and volume distribution are a little different. In this version, the rocker was good even for someone Thomas’ size.”

For more information, go to Riviera Paddlesurf.

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