No excuses for conditioning your body: KO8 functional fitness system review

KO8 is a functional fitness system that allows you to choose suspension/resistance mode on the fly.

Easy to use and expand your conditioning workout with KO8 Direct equipment link KO8 is one complete system that does it all, and the best part is… you can use it ANYWHERE!

Described as a ‘must-have’ for coaches, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels by England Rugby strength & conditioning expert Neil Parsley. The KO8 is the most functional exercise system you’ll ever use and allows you to target your full body whilst building strength & endurance, torching body fat, and improving your mobility. Other experts such as Steve Maxwell, named in ‘Americas Top 100 Trainers’, calls it “a Fantastic piece of kit”. The KO8 is tried and tested all the way through to professional sports with highly trained, highly paid athletes from the UFC, EPL, or the PGA. You can now use this for yourself and start to see the amazing results.