New Quickblade SUP Gun cools off summer heat by making paddles into Water Guns

We saw our first prototype in Key West when Quickblade’s Jimmy Terrell and Jojo Rosen brought a few out at the Lazy Dog Paddle Shack. They have some range and can shock the heck out of a competitor at the start of a race. Just sayin’

A little @qbpaddles SUP Gun shenanigans at @wassupdownunder with Eric & Alex😂

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Description: QB SUP GUN can squirt water like a super soaker. The highly accurate nozzle at the top of the blade allows you to suck water into the shaft by sliding the paddle handle out. You can then shoot a massive stream of water by pushing the handle back into position for paddling. It has all the same, thoughtful design that goes into each of our paddles – from grip to paddle. So not only is it rugged, lightweight and easy to use, but its also lightweight and easy on your wallet.
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