Mile 22 Monster Straps – Product Review & Marketplace Addition

Monster Straps - Protecting Your Gear with Mile 22

You may be questioning what’s going on lately at The Mullet?  “Are you guys promoting gear, boards, equipment? What’s all the hubbub?”

We’ve been doing lots of posts lately from helping our friends at CPC clear their inventory to the promotion of VestPac water packs to our Starboard relationship. If you’ve picked up on the underlying theme, it is about bringing our community great deals and introductions to great equipment that you may otherwise not be exposed to, brought to you through our network of relationships! 

Isn’t that what your friends do? Tell you about deals, great finds, etc. That’s the way you should look at all this recent activity. 

About Mile 22

To that end, we want to introduce you to Mile 22.  Mile 22 is Mike McDaniels’ enterprise based in Del Ray Oaks, CA. If you’re a prone boarder, you may know him, if not, among many things, Mike has solved a problem that subconsciously bothers most of us, but that we don’t think much about.  The quality of the straps securing our equipment. 

The Mullet Team has spent the last month or so testing Mike’s straps, and we’re in love with them!! The Mile 22 Monster straps are solid, wide, non-abrasive and made with”non metal” buckles. While we tested them, it’s been hard to keep quiet, but here’s what we found:

  • The  webbing is super strong, feels great in your hands, wraps around board contours, and is non-abrasive.
  • The straps can be “secured more tightly” on carbon equipment without risk of damage due to the super wide material.
  • The buckle is simple and very easy to manage tension, and it’s NOT METAL!
  • The Fast Snap loop makes it easy to fold the excess strap neatly for storage.
  • We tested it in Florida and North Carolina…local and long-distance for SUP, Prone, and OC2 and we couldn’t be happier with them!
  • And most importantly, you know that feeling of fear you get for the first five miles or so traveling with your boards where you’re not sure if you’ve secured it well enough?  That’s gone!
  • And lastly, after testing the set provided by Mike, I tossed my old straps and bought another set! We’re 100% Mile 22 now!

If you’ve ever worried about the security of your expensive SUP, Prone, OC, Surfski, etc. equipment strapped to your trailer or car, these straps are for you.

The Mullet team gives these straps a “super-stoked” rating and encourage you to check them out.  Mike and his team are primarily West-Coast US folks, so they’re hard to find in order areas, but that’s changing.  Give them a review and let us know what you think.

Reach out to Mike for more info and pick them up in their Mullet shop at the links below!

Monster Straps / Pair (2 Straps)

The best straps on the market! Monsters are overbuilt and oversized to secure everything in your quiver: big-wave guns, prone paddleboards, SUPs, outriggers, surf-skis, kayaks, canoes, ice chests, bivy sacks, you name it.

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