Kickstarter Spotlight: Hydroholder, NEW SUP / Prone / OC Adhesive Waterbottle Holder

Hydro Holder - Multi Use

First the disclaimer: We haven’t tried or tested the Hydroholder. That said, it looks like a simple design that works, easy to attach items like water bottles or flip flops. At first I wasn’t sure how it’d do in surf, but the video shows a prone board going through the waves and holding the bottle well as well as a surfski punching through. It looks like a great option and alternative for bottle cages. Great for those prone or SUP boards that don’t have the fin box in front/top. Surfskis, OCs.


The Hydro Holder sticks to any hard, flat surface. Attach it to a Stand Up Paddle Board, Kayak, Canoe, Prone Board, Windsurfing Board, Sailing Dingy, Surfboard. Even use it on a Quadbike!

It looks like the only challenge will be to find the flat surface. The top of a prone can range from flat to more rounded.

Hydro Holder - Multi Use

We were thinking these might be great in OC-6s and Surfskis also. Again, it’s just about finding the flat spot. It appears to be the same 3M adhesive they use with GoPro mounts.

We think it’s worth the risk and if you can help out with the kickstarter, please order.

Kickstarter Page:

If you get one, let us know what you think.