KIALOA Insanity Stand Up Paddle

From Kialoa:

Crazy light, crazy strong, crazy affordable. KIALOA’s Insanity SUP is the perfect balance of performance and durability. Available as an adjustable, fixed or 2 piece travel paddle.

The Kialoa Insanity Stand Up Paddle Line

The Insanity line is part of Kialoa’s All-Around Performance SUP Series. You can paddle in a race, surf, or just have fun without losing performance. All Kialoa paddles are incredibly well designed and built. The Insanity comes in carbon fiber, fiberglass or a blend. There are also adjustable and travel (3-piece) versions. Blade sizes are either large (8″/91 square inches) or small 7 1/8″ or 83 square inches). They are affordable, with only the Carbon Adjustable exceeding $300.

There are six options:

  • Insanity Carbon, $279: A full carbon paddle that is crazy light and crazy durable. Choose a carbon Ergo-T™, Carbon Palm or the 6″ Pro-T™ which adds 6 inches of adjustability to whatever size you choose. They claim this is the past paddle you’ll ever have to buy.
  • Insanity Carbon Adjustable, $329, Insanity full carbon adjustable paddle with a carbon Fibrlite™ blade and full carbon shaft with the LeverLock Pro-t grip.
  • Insanity Carbon Adjustable Blend, $259, Insanity adjustable paddle with a carbon blade and a carbon/fiberglass blend shaft.
  • Insanity Fiberglass, $179, Insanity fixed length fiberglass paddle.
  • Insanity Fiberglass Adjustable, $219, Their bestselling adjustable paddle of all time.
  • Insanity Fiberglass Adjustable Travel, $259, Insanity Fiberglass Travel paddle that breaks down into 3 pieces for easy storage.

Gerry Lopez on Kialoa Paddles:

“I have heard it said that people who do what they want for a living end up doing what it is they are best at. I surf and build surfboards because I love it and think it’s the only thing I know how to do. Dave Chun builds paddles because he knows how to do it right. KIALOA Paddles are state of the art. When I watch Dave working or just talking about paddles, I can sense some very heavy feelings. The Hawaiians call this Mana and I believe it is a cosmic energy that flows through everything in the universe like the wind, the waves, rocks, plants and animals. Mana in humans is manifested as great skills, talents, strengths, intelligence and character. When using a KIALOA Paddle, that electric sensation one feels is the Mana. Keep Paddling.” – Gerry Lopez

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