Gear Review: Hyperflex AMP shorts, Neoprene Shorts for the In-Between Season

Hyperflex AMP shorts

Hyperflex AMP shorts

Sometimes, I think that I can will the weather to be warm and springlike if I just simply refuse to believe it’s cold.

Maybe I will wear flip flops all day – the sun’s out.  My feet will be warm. (Even if they really will not.)

You know, the power of positive thinking, and all that.

Maybe if I can just put the right spin on things then it will be so.

I employed this tactic the other day, when, after a series of near 70 degree days, the temp had plummeted back into the 40’s and the wind was howling.  I wanted to downwind but seeing as how that was logistically impossible,  I decided to rig up my Starboard inflatable Windsup and see if I could remember how to windsurf. (I could not, but that’s for another blog.)

I put on a pair of new Hyperflex unisex 1.5 mm AMP series neoprene shorts, a tech hoodie and my Patagonia Nanopuff jacket, and flip flops, of course, and headed up to the lake.

Now, the shorts, they were for real summer conditions.  Not the fantasy one that I was willing to materialize in my head.  I ordered those shorts in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Maui where I will need some compression and a little warmth but not full neoprene pants or compression tights.

After spending the better part of three hours in them , honestly, I did not want to take them off.

I almost went to yoga class in them.

These shorts are super, super soft. It’s the AMP series fabric, which is super stretchy. These things are like the silk shorts of neoprene.

They are a bit long – think cycling shorts – stopping just above my knee caps.  I could not believe how warm I was, even with the wind whipping around my bare legs as I unloaded the board and started to rig my sail and mast.

When I got into the dry suit (since the water is still hovering in the high 40’s) I did not sweat to death while the process  of rigging continued.

Once in the suit paddling I was comfy. Just the right temp underneath the drysuit. (yes, paddling.  Seems I needed a bit of a windsurfing refresher.) I even waded around up to my waist in the water and I remained comfy.

And I continued to stay warm – well just right really – loading up and riding home. After taking the drysuit off.

I think I have found the perfect companion to the dry suit for these unseasonable days when the air temp is warm but the water is still cold and safety dictates the precautionary donning of the suit.  And they will be great for the spring.

Hyperflex AMP shorts


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