Have Yourself a Gear-y Little Christmas: The Inland Paddler’s Holiday Gift Guide

Photo credit: Halekulani

Are you making your list, checking it twice? Looking to find something special for that paddler in your life who’s been especially nice? Need to drop some big hints?

Let us help!!!

We’ve had the chance to take a look at a boat load of gear this year, and then there are always our perennial favorites. We’ll break it down into categories including: Clothes and Kit, Gadgets and Electronics, Travel and Miscellaneous. And we’ll try to give you options in an array of price points.

Clothes and Kit


  • Bluesmiths Kula Hoodie: Why we like it: warm, windproof and water resistant, this soft shell jacket is just the bomb in a variety of conditions, and it looks fantastic, no matter what. It will be your go-to jacket. You don’t just want one, you need one. Read the review here.
  • Season Five Basalt Jacket: Why we like it: lightweight yet able to stand up to just about everything nature can throw at  you, on or off the board. Read the review here.
  • Virus baselayers: Why we like it: perfectly suited for paddling, these baselayers will keep you warm in the winter (Stay Warm Coffee series) or cool in the summer (Stay Cool Jade series) and will help aid recovery.  Virus’s paddle shorts are just about the best out there. The women’s capris are both stylish and functional.  Can’t go wrong with a gift from Virus. Reviews here.
  • Maliko Run Tees: Why we like it: ’cause it says “Maliko Run” on it, duh. These unique original designs celebrating the most celebrated downwind run on the planet come on super soft tees in a variety of awesome colors. Definitely for the downwind addict on your list.
  • Wetsox Why we like it: They add an extra layer of warmth in colder temps and really do make getting those pesky wetsuits and booties on and off easier.  When worn alone, you get thermal protection for your tootsies AND board feel. Plus calf compression. Read the review here.
  • Monster and Sea Anything Why we like it: Everything this site creates is quality and cool.  And 10 percent of every sale goes to help families arm wrestling with cancer. What’s not to like?
  • Buff headgear Why we like it: Use it to keep you noggin warm, use it to keep your face protected from the wind, wear it as a scarf, clean your glasses with it. This remarkably simple tube of fabric is the new bandana. Comes in a variety of colors and patterns, with or without fleece lining and even in  a merino wool version.

Gadgets and Electronics


  • Fusion StereoActive Bluetooth stereo Why we like it: easy to program your tunes or your interval app through, rugged, you can operate it with your paddle or your Garmin, sounds great and it freakin’ floats!!!  Read the review here.
  • SpeedCoach Why we like it: Really, do we have to tell you why?
  • GoPro Hero Session 5 Why we like it: Small, light enough to mount on your paddle without weighing it down.
  • Personal Locator Beacon Why we like it: It’s a safety thing. A must have for ocean paddlers.
  • Marine Band Radio Why we like it: It’s another safety thing.  Inexpensive.  For those times when the cell phone won’t work.
  • Luci Inflatable Lantern Why we like it: These lamps are the bomb! Blow ’em up and use them on your board, in camp, in the house, kids love them and they are cheap – about $15. Solar powered too!!


Travel Accessories


  • Kialoa Paddle Bags Why we like it: Kialoa makes a darn near bomb proof paddle bag – for both SUP and OC paddles.  Ample padding to protect your blades, room for two paddles and accessory pockets and carry straps.  The only paddle bag the Inland Paddler will fly with.
  • GoToobs Why we like it: These things just make traveling nicer, easier and definitely more fun. Great for shampoos, body wash, your favorite hot sauce…  Read the review here.

Training Aids


  • Subscription to Paddle Monster Why we like it: Two Words: Larry Cain. This innovative new online training program gives you access to some of the best training minds out there, and we we say access, we mean access. With plans to meet every budget. (And yes, this is part of the Mullet family and we’re proud of it!)
  • Suzie Cooney’s Book Why we like it: The most comprehensive SUP training guide – PERIOD.  This is a must have for any paddler who wants to improve their skills and get faster.  Read the review here.
  • Punch Card for Classes at a local yoga studio Why we like it: Yoga and paddling go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Working yoga into your paddling training will help get your core where it needs to be, increase your flexibility, build muscle to help protect you against injury, and it might just help get your mind straight, too.
  • Indo Board Why we like it: Balance, balance, balance.  There is so much you can do when you integrate this balance board into your regular strength workouts.  Plus, it’s fun and it can help ward off the winter blues when you can’t get out in the waves.
  • LaCrosse Balls Why we like it: cheap stocking stuffer that can help you really work out some of those tight trigger points in the shoulders, calves, pecs and glutes.  Better than a tennis ball because they are so much firmer.


Alex insulated bottle

  • HydroFlask or Avex bottles Why we like it: Nothing keeps your drinks – hot or cold – better than these ergonomic and functional products from two of the best bottle makers on the planet.
  • RinseKit Why we like it: Portable, high pressure “bucket” to help get you and your gear clean, where ever you are. Handy.
  • Spare rudder line for the OC paddler in your life Why we like it: Just one of those things that’s good to have on hand.  An inexpensive stocking stuffer for the outrigger fanatatic in your life.
  • A package of Fin Screws Why we like it: You always lose these things.  Another great stocking stuffer idea that will be oh so appreciated by any SUP paddler.
  • New leash strings, neon tape and a silver Sharpie Why we like it: SAFETY.  A not so-subtle reminder for your paddler loved one to check  their gear before they go, to be more visible, and to be more easily identified.

This should be enough….for now.  Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday and happy New Year!!

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Santa Photo Credit:  Halekulani