Gear Review: Virus International Bioceramic KL1 Active Recovery Pant

Now is the time on Sprockets when we are doing lots of other things besides paddling.  It’s the post-season, “Yay-training-is-over-I-really-need-a-break-I’ve-forgotten-how-much-I-love (Insert other forgotten sport here!)” time.  Take a quick peek at the 100 Paddle Challenge Facebook group and you’ll hear about folks mountain biking, land paddling, running, climbing and generally enjoying the other outdoor pursuits that get placed on the back burner when it’s paddle season.

Add into the mix the fact that for most of the country, the temperatures have or are dropping and it’s time to wear something warmer than board shorts or Mahiku capri tights.

Boom! Virus International strikes again!

This time of year, I want a looser, more functional workout pant that’s going to be more versatile than compression tights but more performance oriented than the traditional sweat pant or fleece workout pant. What does that mean? Well, it needs to provide warmth and insulation, a little compression, and it needs to be applicable to any number of activities. And…it needs to have pockets.

And that’s exactly what you get with the Recovery Pant.



Overall, the fit is a bit looser than tights – it is technically a track pant. But it is a bit fitted, so you are going to notice a bit of support where you might need it. But if you are running to the store after your workout, no worries, you are not going to look like you just came from the yoga studio – if you know what I mean.

The kicker is, the material that the pants are made of – Virus’ bioceramic  fabric, which is just amazing. It is engineered with endurance AND recovery in mind.  How? Okay, well exactly how is proprietary…but the idea is that the fabric is infused with a ceramic compound which, when heated by body temperature emits Far Infared…which is purported to help with blood circulation and tissue rejuvenation, among other things.  No, really.  There is science and research to support this!  Anecdotally I can tell you that I noticed a definite difference in the feelings of my legs after the race when I wore Virus’s compression tights made of this material when I did Chattajack in 2015.  So, it’s going to be the perfect thing to wear when working muscles in the post-season that haven’t been used in a while, and it’s going to be great to wear after a good hard workout.



What I really love about the Recovery Pant are the pockets.  They are zippered! Which means keys, wallet, whatever are going to stay safe and secure while I am running or walking the dog or making that trip to the grocery store after the gym. The pockets on the front are welded – which is one of those nice attention to detail things — cold air is not going to come leaking in through these pockets because of it. There is also a hidden pocket in the back.

The cut of the pant means that I can wear them in the climbing gym without fear that they will bunch up around my harness.  I can wear them mountain biking with padded shorts on underneath without fear of too much fabric getting in the way. (Yes, that is a thing.) Or I can wear them as an apres paddle garment when I need both warmth and recovery.  The extra long zippers at the ankle mean that I can get them on or off with ease.

The Recovery Pant comes in black, blue or grey and is unisex. It retails for $88.

Super functional, super comfy, kind of science-y, these pants will serve you well during the off season, into winter training and during your next race season.  Get a pair!