Gear Review: Chaco OutCross Shoe

Above photo by Patty Davis. "Be a shoe model, Katie."

When Kara from Chaco contacted me to see if I'd be interested in reviewing a pair of their shoes I said "Of Course!" I love their flip flops, which aren't really flip floppy but are sturdy summer shoes. Kara sent me a pair of the women's Chaco OutCross shoes. I wasn't sure what I would be doing with them because I don't wear shoes WHILE I SUP, and I generally do wear flip flops to and from the dock. However, I looked forward to the arrival of my Chaco OutCross Web shoes

I started wearing them immediately. And whenever anyone said "I like your shoes!" I said "Thank you! Chaco sent them to me to review and I LOVE them!" I've been quite diligent about that part. I wasn't so diligent about getting pictures or writing the review because I was busy with the Carolina Cup and such. (I wore the shoes all day on Saturday at the CUP which was great because I could go from beach to boardwalk to pavement to grass, RUNNING AT TOP SPEED without worrying about my shoes falling off. 

Finally I had Patty take a few pictures of me and the shoe.

Exhibit A:

Here's what I like about these shoes. 

  • They are easy to get on and off.
  • They feel like sandals but they wear like tennis shoes but they also wear like sandals.
  • The foot bed does not get slippery so they won't slip off when your feet are wet and you're trying to wrangle a 14 foot board. 
  • They're comfortable.
  • They move from beach to grass to pavement to indoors seamlessly.

If I did a lot of creek jumping and hiking these would be perfect for that, too. But I don't. They're excellent for taking things to and from the water, though, and wearing around, generally, when I would usually wear a tennis shoe but would rather wear a sandal. 

Turns Out There are Other Uses for These Shoes

It's summer. I live at the water. I broke my leg. I have crutches. I can't wear flip flops. Not even super sturdy Chaco flip flops because I will fall on my ASS. I need something that allows me to get a grip on the surface upon which I'm walking. I'd been wearing one tennis shoe, but that's a drag if you're out by the water or on a boat or something. 

Before our boat outing I said to my husband "Hey—get me my Chaco shoe out of the car. Well, bring them both inside so that once I can wear them both I can find the one for the right foot. Or as it is now called, The Foot."


Is it hyperbole to say that this shoe gave me back some of my summer? Maybe a little bit, but not really. When your whole world shrinks to the size of your couch unless someone sees fit to pick you up and take you somewhere anything that makes you feel somewhat human and normal again is so welcome. 

(Left, you can see the sturdy non-marking sole in this picture. And Sharna looking at Patty saying "What are you DOING?")

With my Chaco OutCross I could hop down the dock with my crutches, get in the boat, go nowhere because the boat battery was dead, call people to try to get the battery jumped, cause panic that we might take the boat out with a questionable battery, hop back out up the dock, go to the strawberry farm, have drinks at the dockside, and participate in random hijinks:

Below: that's Lexy's boyfriend Byon. He volunteered to be the windshield wiper since mine wasn't working very well. Also if you can't paddle, you can find other uses for your SUP Taxi. We strapped him in and gave him a dive mask. Safety first.

You can see the video here. 

Yeah, yeah, I'm going to give you the specs. But what I want to know when I try a piece of gear is: will it improve my experience? Will it make the day easier or more fun or safer? Is it worth the money? Will it last? 

So I didn't have to pay for these, so of COURSE they are worth the money. But I'm going to buy some flip flops because I want them badly enough that I bought some that were actually a size too small for me because they didn't have my size at the store I was at. ALL Chaco footwear is worth the price. 

I might not go bouldering or hiking or spelunking, but I trust this shoe to keep me upright and moving forward this summer when that, in and of itself, is a major accomplishment, daily. I trust it to not slip out from under me on pavement, on hard-packed dirt, on gravel, at the strawberry farm, on the metal boat dock, on the boat deck, etc. and so on, and I don't trust anything else other than a tennis shoe. 

The Foot might think it's the star this summer, but it couldn't go anywhere without the Chaco OutCross.

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Chaco OutCross Specs

The amphibious, trail-capable OutCross Web features a lightweight, breathable design with 'Z' wrap cinch webbing and toe caps for protection, while our APMA certified PU LUVSEAT™ footbed and specialized Vibram® outsole combine for performance support and traction. Whether it's raging rapids or rocky terrain, OutCross has you covered. 
• Minimal, deconstructed mesh and synthetic leather provide breathability and drainability
• Rubber toe cap and heel provides durability and protection 
• Ports and ventilated openings provide drainage 
• Traditional 'Z' wrap inspired polyester jacquard webbing closure for a conformed and customizable fit 
• Custom injection molded ladder lock for a secure hold 
• Durable LUVSEAT™ polyurethane footbed with exploded voronoi design moves water under the foot and sits within the lightweight, cushioned PU midsole with co-molded TPU shank for midfoot stability 
• Non-marking OutCross outsole with Vibram® TC-1 compound 
• Sculpted arch for traction and rounded lugs for use in raft foot cups 
• Siped center lugs for wet surface grip and 3mm lugs for trail traction
******FTC DISCLOSURE******
This product was sent to Distressed Mullet for a review but the opinions expressed are entirely the author's. 
The perfect summer adventure shoe.