Freewaters Mens Charger Sandals

I love the texture on the Therm-a-Rest footbed. I'm actually more comfortable walking around in the sandals at home than in my bare feet. The soles are flexible, water and sand flow off and out of them, so they don't just collect dirt in the nooks. It's quite the opposite. My feet feel cooler in these and not in the Fonzie way, in the temperature way.
The straps is a "Hydro Leather" which is not made from animal products. In other words. it's vegan friendly, not that you'd want to eat it. The strap is soft, but doesn't stretch or flex so when you're running in sand or where there's water, they stick to your sole, don't flap or bounce like they're being held on like a bungee cord. 
The sole has great support. It's held together with a water-based glue, but not something that seems fragile or easily torn apart. It's built very well, sturdy, despite it's light weight. 
They say that the "Exclusive Response Arch Flex Shank creates a running shoe spring action." At first I was like, yeah right. But then I had to run after my daughter on the beach and it was comfortable. I don't think anyone would claim you can put running miles on these, but for short bursts, it works well. 
It's designed to get wet, to get sandy. To be worn, not saved for a pair of khakis and a button down, although it works well there, too, if that's your world. The grip doesn't slip. 
I really love these and would love another pair as a backup, just in case. You know how people steal sandals. It might be the most comfortable sandal I've worn this year and that says a lot. I've tried a lot of shoes and sandals lately and don't review them lightly.
When you throw the crazy comfort in action and rest, that this style is vegan friendly— contains no animal materials or by-products—and that every sale goes to benefit those in need of fresh water, you have a winner on multiple fronts. 

Get a pair. They not only feel good on your feet, but they make you feel good to knowing your purchase is making the world a better place. 

Check out the whole collection at the Freewaters website.
Great support, crazy comfortable and provides clean drinking water to those in need