Dryrobe: The Surfer’s Changing Snuggy

Dryrobe is easily one of the best things I saw at Surf Expo. It reminds me of the sideline jackets we had in high-school football. I have been looking on eBay on occasion for one, but never found one. I was standing in line for coffee and saw Dryrobe for the first time. Andrea (email her for more info here), the US Sales Rep was getting her coffee, sleeves rolled up and looking comfy.  I couldn’t believe someone went ahead and made one. All the cold mornings in the parking lot, trying to get out of my wetsuit or even into my wetsuit. Standing there, soaking wet after an open-water swim, cold and wet, trying to get into warm clothes and my warm car. Using a transition towel in the chilly air sandy feet.

One time I sat in wet board shorts and a neoprene top in my car and had the heated seats on and got shocked. This ends the misery. Ottawa, are you listening? Great Lakes? Pacific Northwest? Dryrobe is a super-comfortable, moisture-wicking changing robe that keeps you warm, dry, comfortable, and private after a wet surf or paddle board session. It is so dang comfortable, I just wanted to lay down in it, put on a movie and take a nap.

It has a waterproof & windproof exterior shell and the soft, fleecy lining dries you and keeps you warm. There’s plenty of room to pull your arms in through the sleeves and change inside it without having to open the zipper and flashing your fellow parking lot people. They say you can get a “wetsuit, swimsuit or tri suit, on or off, easily, while staying warm, dry & fully protected from the elements.” I believe it. There are pockets inside for your smaller items and soft lined external pockets

The zipper is great because it allows you to open the front in either direction, in case you have to hit the facilities. The other part for us lazy people is the ability to keep your wetsuit on and throw this over top. It will keep you warm while you drive home without getting your car wet. By the time you get home, your wetsuit will be dry. It never lets you feel that moisture, so you can use it several times throughout the day without being wet or cold.

You can do custom embroidery. This is just in time for Fall. I want Distressed Mullet Dryrobes.

For more information on Dryrobe, go to their website: http://dryrobe.com/

For US Sales: email Andrea: andrea@dryrobe.com.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dryrobe

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dryrobe/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/dryrobe/

Dryrobe is a UK company and sales on the site are for the UK, but they now have a US sales person and are selling in the USA.

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