Custom Board Candy: Anthony Maltese’s El Tigre from Riviera Paddlesurf

Riviera Paddlesurf El Tigre
This is Anthony Maltese SUP Surfing his Riviera “El Tigre.” El Tigre is the custom model based on the the Nugg that Taylor and Brandon Rambo, Brennan Rose and Anthony Taylor have been using and making subtle changes in the past few years. It’s still a work in progress. Anthony got to put his El Tigre through its paces at an amazing day in San Clemente last week.


  • 7’4″ 24 3/4 4″ volume: 81 liters
  • Diamond tail
  • pretty narrow compared to most performance boards
  • pulled in nose is fine-tuned, not too scooped out
  • Not extremely aggressive rocker, mid range, helps it generate a lot of speed in mushy waves.
  • Most made as a quad +1

Anthony is 170 lbs and is right on the verge of being too big for the board. His boards are always set up as quads. Brennan Rose keeps a quad +1 to be ridden as a quad or a thruster. Most of the custom El Tigres come with a Quad +1.

In Anthony’s board, they added 1/4″ extra thickness to make it ride like a smaller version. That makes a 7’4″ feel like a 7’8″ as far as stability.

For the bigger guys, the customs go a little wider, but the 7’8″ is still 29″ not too wide and not too super narrow. They didn’t want to make it a one-size fits all. Rather, they wanted to keep pushing the envelope on this shape and tweak and tune and fine tune.

Brennan’s board that he just won on in Santa Cruz is just a touch longer.

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