Bewitched by the Rayvolt solar powered eBikes

Pedal Paddle Pedal

That’s what’s on my mind.

After riding all the amazing boards at Starboard meeting, with our boards in hand, we looked to a wonderful surprise and it’s a electric bike. Yes, we are stoked on the boards and can’t wait to paddle.  But after the paddle business is done, we’re left cruising the web for photos and videos of the Rayvolt. This is an electric bike that quite frankly blew our minds. Larry Cain is unapologetically obsessing over the one he wants (big hub, gunmetal grey).

First, it is just like a regular bike with handle bars, frame, forks, two wheels, a seat and pedals. That’s where the similarities stop. Now, add a battery,  and an engine that kicks in when you pedal. It goes up to 30 mph and a range of 60 miles.

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When your charge runs out, you can pedal it like a regular bike, or unfold the solar-powered cover that covers the entire bike and folds back down into the size of a laptop.14264923_304924549872836_7766667896952166722_n

The motor is in the hub. And it is controlled with an incredibly advanced computer system and app.



The message delivered by the Rayvolt creator, designer Matthieu Rauzier to the audience was clear, “We are changing our own habits to change the world.” Think about that for a second. Can we make small changes, perhaps something as simple as eliminating the use of single serving plastic utensils, straws, water bottles or in this case, riding a bike powered by the sun and your body instead of using a car and fossil fuels. The accumulated effect of these small changes is truly the only way to really change the world for the better. We incorporate a micro-strategy, crowd-change rather than a macro-strategy relying on companies, industries and countries to make the big decisions. I like it.

14425277_308984029466888_2300350747900292838_oBack to the bikes we’re so nuts about:

The design is part retro, Indian Motorcycles inspired and part ocean inspired with its wave-form frame. It’s a club racer motorcycle, stripped down to its basic elements, made for the road. You can read all about the specs here at Rayvolt:

If you haven’t seen it, check out the video of Zane and Connor towing foils with the bike in Mission Bay.

Retail price will be around $3500-$4000, with different models and accessories.

We can’t wait to ride these. They come with a board rack.