2015 Kialoa GL Surf Wahine Paddle: Gear Review

2015 Kialoa GL Surf Wahine paddle

[Editor’s note: Please welcome Kate Lewis from Stand Up Outfitters with her review of the 2015 Kialoa GL Surf Wahine Paddle]

The Kialoa Paddles GL Surf line is designed “for surfers by surfers.” One of those “designing” surfers is Mr. Pipeline, surf-industry Buddha, and Kialoa neighbor, Gerry Lopez (that’s the “GL”). So, even before you touch the paddle, you know it’s going to be good.

The paddle design features a symmetrical blade shape for easy skimming, rounded blade edges to protect your rails, and a foam core blade for increased buoyancy.

There are three different models in the GL Surf line: The GL Surf II is available in a round carbon and fiberglass blend shaft and a round carbon shaft. Both have a 90 square inch carbon blade. The GL Surf Wahine is new this year and has a round carbon “slim” shaft and 79 square inch carbon blade.

Dave Chun of Kialoa is focused on creating more women-specific paddles.

The GL Surf Wahine is an instant winner. Here’s why:

I used the GL Surf Wahine on a few long flat water paddles (because there was no surf) and in knee to waist high surf. In both environments, I instantly felt the benefits of the design attributes. The paddle truly “floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.”

2015 Kialoa GL Surf Wahine PaddleThe slim shaft is ideal for smaller hands because it allows for better grip, more control, and feels like less to swing around. The blade punches with power, yet feels effortless. The extra float provides bracing stability and gives you the ability to stuff the blade right where you need it, when you need it. As for limiting rail abuse, the rounded edges really work to soften the hack effect.

If you paddle both flat water and surf, you should have a paddle specific to the environment. After all, you wouldn’t putt with a driver, ride a road bike on a dirt trail, or wear spikes on The Loop. So, why not have a surf-specific paddle and even better, a surf-specific paddle that is perfectly suited to the unique physical traits of a woman? I highly recommend it.

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