Lessons and Tours: Are you paying attention to your favorite customers?

Homies Relay teams

A friend with a successful SUP tour and rental business recently shared his success story with me. It was strikingly simple and while I can’t share the specifics of who he targeted, I can surely share the how so you can create your own discussion.

When you look back at 2018 and forward to 2019, ask yourself:

  • Which customers did my staff most enjoy taking out paddling?
  • Which customers complained the least?
  • Which customers referred the most?
  • Which customers bought the most apparel/gear?
  • Which customers posted about their experience the most?

It seems simple, but if locally, you can recognize that there is a specific group or profession that shows up the most, target them. Do they buy shirts the most? Target them. Do they make the extra effort to do a google review or facebook review? Target them. Where do they work? How can you reach them in and around their work? Can you reach out to the companies and offer a wellness or fitness program? A team building experience?

If you have no idea who you loved working with in 2018 or who you’d like to focus on in 2019, put mechanisms in place for this season to gather this data. It doesn’t have to be a formal survey, but simply knowing that most of your favored business comes from something like a local university staff for instance can help you focus your marketing towards that group. Have your staff take notes, like meeting recaps —short reports— that you can review and track trends. If you find a specific hotel is referring, create a relationship. If you have a rental company that seems to bring in families, buy magnets for their rental house and hotel refrigerators.

Good luck in 2019. You are bringing in the next wave of paddlers and the more successful you are, the more people we have in our community and sport. You are the front line. We want you be successful.