International Coastal Clean Up Day

International Coastal Clean Up Day

International Coastal Clean Up Day: Pick up trash, maybe win a board!

International Coastal Clean Up Day

Editor’s Note: Starboard is one of the leading board companies working on behalf of environmental sustainability.  So we’re passing this along in hopes that when you paddle today, you’ll take part in today’s International Coastal Clean Up and pick up a piece of trash, or  two or three or 1o. You don’t have to be at the coast, either. Wherever you are, take a photo and follow the steps below and share on social media.  Maybe it will catch on.  We all need to help take care of the places we paddle. This is a great, fun way to do and encourage other to do so as well!
From Starboard:
The #StarboardWorldCleanup is the ultimate act local, think global cleanup, all tied together by the SUP community and the Starboard Tiki lifestyle. Let’s Act Together for Global Change
At Starboard, we strive to create amazing products for you to explore our beautiful lakes, rivers and oceans around the world. But in this pursuit, we also see firsthand the frightening signs of our damage to this planet. Plastic pieces outnumbering shells at the beach, fish & bird stomachs lined with bottle caps, sea turtles strangled by fishing line. From the beaches of Maui to the Ganges River you can all too easily find Styrofoam chunks, plastic bags, mylar balloons, chip bags, coffee cups – trash of all shapes and sizes – floating around in the waters we love to play in.
Here at Starboard we are inspired by community mobilization against these problems – especially in the SUP world. Seeing groups and individuals using their boards as a tool to give back to the waters we love to paddle, and raising awareness of our pollution problem, gives us hope that together we can solve this seemingly insurmountable problem.
That is why we are pleased to announce the #StarboardWorldCleanup!
International Coastal Clean Up Day

Here’s how it works:

Go out for a paddle, or a beach walk, or a surf – and pick up a piece of trash. Better, pick up 10 pieces of trash. Even better, grab 100 of your friends and neighbors, and together pick up 100,000 pieces of trash! No matter how much you pick up, take a photo and post it to your social media of choice with #StarboardWorldCleanup.
One cleanup champion (this could be you!) will be the lucky recipient of a brand new 2018 Whopper Inflatable SUP and a 2-piece paddle!
10 other participants from around the world will receive a Starboard hamper, including Starboard apparel, Trash Hero goodies and a box of 50 Paddle Trash Pickers for themselves and their friends.
International Coastal Clean Up Day
 After the contest we will create a map of where the cleanups took place to show the power of the SUP community to do some good for the world! It all kicks off on September 16 – International Coastal Cleanup Day. From then on, you have until October 31 to get cleaning and simply #StarboarWorldCleanup to enter!


• You must hashtag your pickup pic #StarboardWorldCleanup to enter
• You can use any social media platform – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
• Only one entry is permitted per person
• Only one entry is created per post
• You must be the poster to enter, but multiple people can post the same pick up pic if they were all involved in the cleanup!
• Your cleanup entry does not have to be a large-scale effort – we encourage you to grab friends to help you clean your waterway, but you can take a pick up pic anywhere, anytime, and with anyone you want!
• Cleanup must take place within the contest period (no reusing old photos!)
• Selfies, group shots, pics of trash – all good! Just make it clear that you were there and you picked up trash
• There is no piece minimum – but it’s good karma to clean up the waterway as much as possible!
• Your cleanup does not have to be on the water – 80% of marine debris originates on land!
• Social media posts must be public in order to be entered in the #StarboardWorldCleanup

Our athletes and ambassadors have already been super busy cleaning up… Please join us in mobilizing as a force for good for the waters we all love, and help demonstrate the positive impact the SUP community can have when we work together!
 Photo Credit: Starboard

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