Welcome to the latest version of Distressed Mullet

You may have noticed some changes in the Mullet recently.

We recently upgraded the Mullet to include a base foundation for some very exciting things to come.

You’ll Notice That There Are Numerous New Features Including A ”Who’s Online” Function, A Messages Function, A Very Detailed Profile Page And Much More. When You’re Interacting With Sellers And Buyers On The Mullet Now, All Communication Is Handled Within The Site With No Need To Go To Email.

You may still get email notifications for messages, but this is just dependent on your notifications settings. If you have any problems, email Info@Distressedmullet.Com or @Systmx through the new message system and we’ll get a look at it.

There are many exciting new features in store for the coming months including more equipment for sale, a stronger community component, more about races and events and a bunch more surprises!

Special thanks to Tim Myers for his advice and development. Tim is a paddler form Florida who many of you know and have competed with/against. He’s helped us take what has been a great community blog and transform it into a sustainable platform that can better serve the community, local shops and industry alike. Welcome to Tim as part of the Mulet team. We are so lucky to have him aboard.

Thanks For Listening And Thank You As Always For Supporting The Mullet!