We are thankful for you

We’re thankful for the manufacturers

We’ve seen a reorganized shakeup on the industry side in spite of continued growth in SUPs popularity. We’ve seen a renaissance in all watercrafts like outriggers and surfskis just as the last few years brought a resurgence in prone paddling. We’ve seen people less concerned about the upgrade of the day, and more apt to ride what is fun for them. And we’ve seen the rise of the inflatables, overtaking traditional board sales for many brands. We are thankful that people are finding ways to get on the water and that companies who are improvising and adapting are overcoming the growing pains of an industry.


We’re thankful for the race directors

This is perhaps the most thankless job in SUP. Racers have no idea how much time, resources go into planning and executing a paddle race. SUP races are so unique, so unlike running races. There are more categories than racers in most races. Water safety and insurance, the “everyone gets a car” world makes this one of those situations where if you don’t have the love, there’s no reason to run a race. It is a world where breaking even on a race is the goal and no matter how well your race goes, trolls slam you. Basically, you throw a huge party, let people trash your house, and then get complaints that the beer was domestic. We know you take a lot of crap and we thank you for it. We know you get a lot of joy out of it, but we also know how hard your job is.


We’re thankful for the Pros

They might be flying all over, but they don’t make much money if any and they are riding the love of the sport. Despite the lack of big $, these pros show up and share the stoke.img_0135

We’re thankful for the youth programs

Junior programs are exploding and producing a whole new generation of young, fast paddlers. Groups such as the Paddle Academy, Performance Paddling, Sayulita JR SUP, Florida Juniors and the Wrightsville Beach Jr Elite Sup Team are great examples of 10-17 year old kids training, doing drills, and smoking the adults. If you haven’t been Blackburned, you haven’t raced in WB.img_9651-2

We’re thankful for the Facebook Paddle Groups

The 100/100 Paddle Challenge was been a way for water people to connect and support each other. Sharing our journey each day on and off the water keeps us connected. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/100paddlechallege/)

We are thankful for SUPIA and the ACA

Thank you for trying to make the SUP world safer. I know how hard you’re working on safety labeling, point of purchase warnings and education and a set of standards that we as an industry can adopt to help keep our people safe on the water.

We are thankful for the Special Olympics

Ruth Finch Holland and everyone involved with making SUP a Special Olympic sport. To your inspiring crew who reminds us about the true, pure joy that is paddling and being with friends, thank you.

We are thankful to Laird Hamilton, Gerry Lopez, Sparky Longley, Dave Kalama, Chuck Patterson, Jimmy Terrell

Thank you for starting this sport, celebrating the people, for making boards and paddles and setting the tone for the community. Your trickle-down approach to stoke and inclusion has made this a better world for so many of us.

We are thankful for the teachers

Larry Cain, Jimmy Terrell, Johnny O, Westy, Johnny Puakea, Danny Ching,Jeramie Vaine, Jessica Cichra, and Dan Gavere.

We are thankful for the great examples and the horrible warnings

I have learned from both. I have been both. Thank you Joe Bark for board caddying 4 years ago (great examples).

We are thankful for the paddlers

You show up and paddle out. You bring friends and family. You share boards and paddles. You share your homes, couches, garages and trailers. You read the mullet. And for that and your support, above all else, we thank you. We would not be here if it was not for all of you. The Mullet is for you.


We thank you for your support of Paddle Monster

We started Paddle Monster this year and so far the results have been amazing. For those of you who have subscribed, we appreciate the support and you better be on the water or in the gym reading this. 2017 is going to be incredibly successful. This is something we have been working on for nearly three years.

img_9647We are thankful for Lisa Schell

Thank you to my Managing editor, Lisa Schell who makes the Mullet run, all while working multiple jobs and finding time to paddle, ride, climb. You continue in the role of the Most Inspirational you got a few years back at the Carolina Cup. If you don’t know Lisa, look out. She’s everywhere. You can recognize her beyond the byline by her primal scream as she heads out the inlet. I wish you thoughts of Maui today.

We are thankful for coffee

I had to fit this in here. I love coffee. And food. I love food. Thank you, food.

We are thankful for our advertisers

Thank you Sean, Mark, and the Hobie crew for being my first advertiser and believing in an upset baitfish. Thank you Riviera for being the second advertiser. Thank you to Starboard for being the third. Thank you to all the brands who help us stay online, publishing over 12,000 posts in the past 9 years.

And I am eternally thankful to my family and friends

img_0723Thank you to my training partner, Dave who hold me accountable. Thank you to my business partner, Larry who’s passion for teaching at the highest level inspires me to be better. Thank you Jason Colclough for being the only one I know who works more hours than I do. Thank you to my bookkeeper, Emily, who is amazing. Thank you Mike Muir for sending me cool articles and John Dubock who points out all my typos.

Thank you to Julie for starting the 100/100. Thanks to James who got me to Catalina, and has even crazier ideas and epic adventures. Thank you to Steve Dullack, my brother from another mother. To Wil who sneaks me into the best surf breaks. To Tripp, who challenges my brain. Thank you to Troy and Monster and Sea, another brother who needs to come to the right coast. THank you to anyone I left off. You are officially included here. It’s early.

Thank you to my parents, you’ve been through a lot. Thank you to my brothers who’ve let me do my thing without punching me in the head. And Thank you Amy and Stella for putting up with my endless hours on my laptop. You are my reason for being and my sunshine. You are why I’m typing in a Starbucks at 5am: So we can go out and play today.


Thank you, Now get outside,