Traditional Paddleboard Race Scenario: What do we do?

Race Director Decisions

Consider the following and let us know how you would handle this if you were the race director.

Race Entry Scenario

  • 7  traditional (prone) paddlers show up to a paddleboard event.
  • There are two courses, a long (10 mile) and short course (3 mile)
  • 4 men and 3 women
  • 1 is U17, 4 are 18-29, 2 are 50+
  • Women: 2 on stock and 1 on 14, all but one are in the short course
  • Men: 1 on stock, one on 14 and 2 unlimited, all but one are in the distance


  • What are the divisions? Or are there divisions at all?
  • How do you do awards?
  • Or do traditional paddleboard races go back to their own races, mostly crossings (which don’t have a short or beginner course). Would they prefer not to be a part of the SUP races?
  • Or does that provide a valuable source of new paddlers into their sport?
  • Along with board length, are there age groups?
  • What if the unlimited is the first across the line?
  • How do you set up registration that up until now has been it takes over 3 to make a division?
Thanks for your feedback!