Cold Stroke Classic, Where is the current?

On Saturday, January 21, 2017 low tide is at 08:34 AM

  • The Race begins at 10am and is being put on by Coastal Urge
  • Therefore, the tide will be going from low to high or the tide will be coming in.
  • That means, water will be coming in through Masonboro inlet and filtering through the channels and marshes to the North and South of Masonboro Inlet.
  • The race is around Harbor Island starting and ending at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort.

Depending on the wind and race director, they may choose to go clockwise or counterclockwise. Historically, it’s been decided on whatever is the safest, fastest route and that usually means going with the tide or current, under the Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge. With the incoming tide, that would mean clockwise. Our assessment has zero impact on what will actually happen, so be prepared to go in either direction.

Look for shelter from a head current in the eddies:

Eddies are areas to paddle that are outside the channel or current. Think of a river and the places behind rocks where the water swirls and collects. There are places like that, where you can find faster water, along the docks, edge of the waterway, and jetties when paddling into or against the tide.

Stay in the channel or the middle when you are with the current

You can watch your speed on a Garmin or Speed Coach to see when and if you are with the current. Use your tools. Do not blindly follow the leader. If you are going zero mph, change what you are doing. You are obviously going against a current or wind and you aren’t getting anywhere, so try moving toward or away from the docks. Do something different. Please.

Here is a great article on Reading the Water

Cold Stroke Classic info:

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