The Inland Paddler: Diversions in the time of Covid-19

Not gonna lie, today is hard. It is taking a lot to not go down the bunny hole of despair, given the most recent turn of events. And I am finding it hard to practice some of the things I have talked about doing to keep the mental piece of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic strong.

So, with that in mind, here’s a brief guide to some things you can watch or listen to, when after you’ve done all you can to keep physically fit and sane.  A mix of old favorites and some new content that is fun to watch and might inspire you. At the very least, something to hopefully take you away for just a little bit.

Step into Liquid

My go to when I need a pick me up. The son of the legendary surf documentary maker Bruce Brown (The Endless Summer) offers up a series of vignettes that explain the healthy addiction that is surfing.  It features Laird, Dave Kalama, and Gerry Lopez and a host of others and the soundtrack is awesome.

The Crest

Two cousins re-connect and discover their Irish family history and travel to their homeland to surf and make a connection with their immigrant ancestors.  Not the best-made documentary, but the story is fascinating and the Kane cousins’ reverence for their family history is inspiring.

Morning Meditation- Monterrey Bay Aquarium

The aquarium is posting guided meditation videos of their big tanks,with very soothing music.  These are fantastic and extremely calming.  Check out and chill out and keep your connection to the ocean. Virtual tours of the aquarium are also available on the website. 

H2Indo and H2Mexico

Filmmaker Brent Deal teams up with Infinity’s Dave Boehne, Kalama, Slater Trout and others for two madcap tours of Indonesia and Mexico. The opening of H2Mexico is worth it for the opening sequence alone: Connor Baxter downwinding on Maui in a Sumo suit.

Point Break

The original with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swazey. ‘Nough said.

There are lots of great options out there, especially on Amazon Prime.  If you are so inclined, a subscription to the Surf Network is a reasonable option, too, if you find you need more.

Got a favorite to share? Put in the comments!

Stay well, stay healthy, and be strong y’all.