Meet Joe Paddler: Tim Quayle, Port Ludlow, Washington

Joe Paddler Tim Quayle

Where you were born and where you live now?

I was born and raised in Ohio and now live in Port Ludlow, WA.

What is your occupation?

Environmental Health Specialist for the Bremerton Kitsap Public Health District. I also usher part time for the Seattle Seahawks and Sounders.

Where do you SUP the most?

Admiralty Inlet and Port Ludlow Bay, WA.

Joe Paddler Tim Quayle

Do you have a favorite local paddleboard shop?

Not really. I got my Bic board at REI at their garage sale.

What paddleboard, surfski or OC do you ride most?

I usually ride my Bic 12’6″ Wing.

Do you own any other paddleboards, surfskis or OCs and what kind?

I have a Tower 11’6″ all around that I learned on. I also have a Bic 11′ inflatable.

What paddle do you use?

I have a SUP ATX all carbon, a Bic carbon and a Werner 3 piece. I also have a Torch LED paddle that is great for those dark morning paddles before work.

Have you changed boards/paddles/equipment since you started? If so, why?

I started on the Tower all around and then decided I wanted to do some recreational racing and fitness training. My 12’6″ worked out great.

If you could travel to anywhere in the world to paddle, where would you go?

There are so many places but Hawaii and Bali come to mind.

Best piece of SUP advice you’ve ever received?

I like Dave Kalama’s advice about paddle reach being like a fighter jabbing. I also like Jim

Terrell’s motto “Train hard, Go Fast, Have Fun”, and Dan Gavere’s “paddle every damn day.”

Weirdest thing that’s happened to you while paddling?

I was out SUP crabbing not far from shore on my board when I noticed a large boat cruising at top speed suddenly changing course quickly and headed straight for me. It turned out to be a WA Fish and Wildlife large cruiser with twin 300 HP motors. I was all legal, thankfully. They were quite nice and interested in my SUP set up. I never thought I would actually ever get checked.

Favorite SUP nutrition? (During races/ during a long haul)

Nothing special, water so far.

Goals for this next year?

In June I hope to do the California 100, but only the 50 mile version. In July I want to go to the Colombia Gorge in Hood River to try some downwinding. There are a few local races on tap also.

Favorite post-paddle nosh (snack/beer/recovery drink)

I am partial to pizza and light craft beer.

Your favorite non-paddle thing to do.

Playing with my two granddaughters CC and Vivey.

What piece of SUP gear do you wish someone would invent?

My wish list is long enough already!

What’s your biggest challenge with SUP?

Just getting out there when the weather is cold and rainy. The 100/100’s have been great for inspiration. People are paddling in much colder places than here in the PNW.

What is your proudest moment in a SUP race or event?

Not finishing last!

Joe Paddler Tim Quayle

Tell us about the best friend(s) you made through SUP.

I found out that a friend at my work has been SUP surfing for many years, and he took me to the WA coast to try some surfing. It is harder than it looks. He also got me to try my first SUP race, and I have been hooked ever since.

Joe Paddler Tim Quayle

What was your best SUP travel trip?

Spending a week on Lake Cushman in the Olympic mountains with family and friends for my 60th Birthday last September.