Go Paddle Race Profile: Cape to Cape Charity Paddleboard Race

Cape to Cape Race




Lewes, Deleware to Cape May, NJ



Can you describe the different races and courses?

Participants have the unique experience of riding the Cape May-Lewes Ferry from New Jersey to Delaware to view the race course before the race begins in Lewes, DE. Paddlers then paddle 17 miles across the mouth of the Delaware Bay to Cape May NJ. The race crosses international waters, a shipping lane, and whatever Mother Nature throws at them during the crossing. All participants raise money for the Desatnick Foundation, which is a non-profit that aims to raise awareness, as well as emotional and financial assistance for those living with Spinal Cord Injury.

CApe to Cape Race

What kind of paddling settings and conditions will racers face?

Summertime conditions usually bring light Southwest winds to the Atlantic Ocean which would be optimal conditions. The race committee plans the race for a favorable tide, as the tidal change in the area can produce a 4.5 – 5 knot current. Paddlers will exeperience all that the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean have to offer. As the participants step off of the beach in Delaware, they paddle past Cape Henhelopen Lighthouse, and then enter “the teeth of the dog.” Paddling through the international shipping lanes that supply much of the northeast with cargo, at the middle point of the race, they will be 8 miles from land. Once the crossing nears the end, the welcome sight of the Cape May Lighthouse comes into view. Shooting the final stretch along the Cape May Beachfront, paddlers finish in water at Queen St, which is 300 yards from the Southern most point of New Jersey.

Does your event benefit a charity and if so, can you tell us about them?

The Desatnick Foundation was started to provide emotional and financial support for those living with paralysis in the South Jersey Area. After suffering a spinal cord injury while surfing Poverty Beach during Hurricane Humberto two weeks after 9/11 in 2001. Organizer Chad de Satnick explains: “After being told I may never walk again and will never surf, I proved the doctor wrong by getting back on a surfboard three years after surgery. I got involved with Jesse Billauer, the Life Rolls On Foundation, and their signature program, They Will Surf Again. After ten years of involvement with LRO, we saw a need for support for local victims of SCI. The Cape to Cape Paddleboard Race donates 100% of the proceeds to the Desatnick Foundation providing much needed support for victims of SCI.”

Cape to Cape Race


Will there be any clinics and what are the details?

No clinics but details on the event can be found at www.paddleguru.com

Where can people get paddle gear like PFDs and Hydration packs?

Harbor Outfitters is a family owned paddleboard shop that has everything paddlers need.

Are there paddleboard rentals available and if yes, where? Contact info?

Harbor Outfitters has everything paddlers need to get out on the water !

Where can people buy groceries?

Cape May Market has great assortment of locally grown organic produce and groceries.

Where can people stay? Do you have a hotel you can recommend and contact info?

Cape May is full of quaint motels, bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals. Check out: Desatnick Real Estate, Montreal Inn, Stockton Motor Inn, John Wesley Inn, Inn of Cape May, or The Mooring for all of your accommodations.

What great local restaurants can you recommend?

Lobster House, Washington Inn, The Blue Rose, Aleathea’s, George’s, The Mad Batter, and Carney’s.

Where is the best coffee in town?

Cape May Market 

What makes your event great? What will paddlers love about coming to your event?

The fact that paddlers starts in one state and finish in another is pretty cool. And much like the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation, our fundraising efforts benefit local victims of SCI.

Cape to Cape Race