Gear Review: Season Five Basalt Hoodie

In order to stay comfortable and safe during the winter paddle season, you have to be prepared for anything. And that means having a well-rounded arsenal of kit to handle whatever Mother Nature is going to throw out at you between Fall and Spring.

Season Five has long been a favorite when it comes to handling both frigid water and air temperatures. This year, they’ve introduced a new hoodie that’s definitely going to be a go-to during my winter workouts when I don’t need a dry suit, but when I need more than just baselayers and neoprene.


Enter the Basalt and Geneva hoodies for men and women respectively.

Both jackets are made of Season Five’s newest fabric – Atmos 2.   According to the website, Atmos 2 takes the same breathable, stretch outer membrane of its original breakthrough material and adds a water resistant fleece inner liner. The result is a lightweight, soft and warm, yet not stifling  jacket that is perfect before, during and after paddling.


I was particular attracted to the jacket for OC paddling, where I need a little more coverage on the backside while sitting down, yet something that would withstand full submersion in the event of a huli or flip. When this jacket get fully soaked, it’s not going to feel waterlogged. And I’m going to stay warm and toasty.


Season Five’s Atmos fabric is absolutely amazing when it comes to its ability to shed water yet still breath well, Yet, it’s not always practical to wear off the water.  The Basalt, or women’s Geneva is going to be great in all conditions and activities, from a good winter Paddle Monster workout on the water to mountain biking to walking the dog on those chilly mornings. In other words, for $125 you are getting an extremely useful, versatile piece of kit.

The women’s version adds thumb holes at the cuff  while the men’s has elastic cuffs.  Both offer four-way stretch and sun protection as well.