Buy Local SUP Shop Profile: One Love Beach


Owners Chris and Blake Dowling met on the water. With a shared vision to supply their community with a meeting place for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, One Love Beach was created. More than just a place to rent and buy paddle boards, One Love Beach offers information and equipment to get outside and stay outside.


211 Main Street, Greenport, NY 11944

500 Beach Road, Greenport, NY 11944 (Summer/Rentals)

What board companies do you carry?

Boga, Naish, Starboard, Surftech, 404, Coreban, Slingshot, Pulse, Dolsey, Kialoa, 211, Rogue, and Smooth

What paddles do you carry?

Kialoa, Boga, Hippostick, Carbonnero and Torch

Do you have Paddleboard Rentals?


Do you offer lessons?


One Love Beach shop staff from front to back: Chris Dowling, Jenn Place and Alexa Suess( in the distance)

What other services do you provide?

Free Demos every Saturday, Floating Yoga, Tours and Community Meet-ups

What is your biggest challenge as a retailer?

Ordering! Most people don’t realize it but we have to order next years inventory in September/October in order to guarantee delivery. It’s a pretty heavy crystal ball! Order too much and you can be sitting on a lot of inventory. Order too little and the customer looks elsewhere. Luckily we have done well so far! I probably just jinxed myself!

How healthy is the sport?


How likely will the sport continue to grow in this next year?


Where will we see the growth if any?

Displacement/Touring boards sales should increase this year. Most people around here paddle on flat water but bought an all-round for their first board. Accessories will be big as well.

Do you have any advice for manufacturers?

Keep your sku’s and build techniques down! Too many choices can confuse customers and turn them off.

What kind of paddling settings and conditions are near your shop?

We are in a unique area that has amazing creeks and marshlands for exploring but then we have the bays, Long Island Sound and the Atlantic for open water paddling and downwinders. It is just magical out here!

What is it about paddling that gets you up in the morning? That gets you excited?

The marine life, our community, the work out, the adventure, the serenity, the chaos, the tacos!

Describe your local paddle community. When do you get together and what are they like?

We have a diverse paddle community. During the summer we have locals, weekenders, tourists an second home owners. Beginners, advanced and racers. Children, parents and grandparents. In the winter we have our die hards that show up in snow and ice without hesitation. When it is warm we meet every Tuesday evening. We paddle then get together at First and South (local watering hole)afterwards. In the winter we meet every Saturday (when there is water) and get some distance.


What local events do you have and what are their dates and locations?

This year we are working on a couple charity events but don’t have dates nailed down. We will be helping out with the Great Peconic Race on September 10th. This is a grueling 19 mile race around Shelter Island!

Best piece of SUP advice you give to paddlers?

Always wear a PFD and a leash! Also, don’t be afraid of falling in! It’s part of the learning process. Once you get past the fear of falling you will be flying!

What are your must-have accessories for every paddler?

Sun protection. Sun block, UPF shirts and a damn good looking hat from our shop!

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