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Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas

What board companies do you carry?

We carry BOTE, SUPLove, Naish, 404, Boardworks, SIC, Surftech, Imagine, YOLO, Starboard, Lakeshore, Riviera, Kialoa and Hobie.

What paddles do you carry?

Naish, Starboard, Riviera, Imagine, YOLO, SIC, Epic Gear, Sawyer, Liquid Shredder, Axe, Kialoa and Torch Paddle.

Do you have Paddleboard Rentals?


Do you offer lessons?


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What other services do you provide?

Variety of paddleboarding tours & Fitness OnBoard classes.

What is your biggest challenge as a retailer?

Trying to accommodate everyone’s request and work around our schedule at the same time.

One a scale of 1-10 how healthy is the sport?


How likely will the sport continue to grow in this next year?


Where will we see the growth if any?

In our services, more tours and different events to come.

What kind of paddling settings and conditions are near your shop? Remember – we need all the details!! Make us want to paddle there!

We have a beach location about five minutes from our store called Goodmans Bay Beach. We mainly use this beach because it is a protected Bay and you would usually have a better chance of seeing more marine life there while enjoying the usual calm crystal clear waters under the warmth of the sun!

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What is it about paddling that gets you up in the morning? That gets you excited? We REALLY want to know!

Paddleboarding can be wonderful in many ways like fitness, fun and a great way to destress! Also teaching persons on our beautiful waters is enough to get us excited to get out on the water with them and show them why it’s better to paddle in the Bahamas!

Describe your local paddle community. When do you get together and what are they like?

Our local SUP community in Nassau, Bahamas isn’t very big but with our monthly Full Moon Paddles, FOB classes and other exciting events that we have we are getting the word out more and more everyday!

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What local events do you have and what are their dates and locations?

We have a full moon Paddle every month or different Holiday themed paddles at Goodman’s Bay or on our Lake Cunningham.

Best piece of SUP advice you give to paddlers?

Any flat water (aka the Bahamas) is great for Paddleboarding!

What are your must-have accessories for every paddler?

ZHIK Rashguards, ZHIK Water Shoes & Lots of Water!