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Liquid Dreams Surf

Standup paddling is alive and well in the State of Maine! This one-stop shop has you covered if you want to explore the local waters!


Ogunquit, Maine  and York, Maine

What board companies do you carry?

NaishStarboardSurftechJimmy LewisBarkBoardworks,NSP,Hobie, Angulo

Do you have Paddleboard Rentals?


Do you offer lessons?


What other services do you provide?

Surfing lessons, surfboard rentals, wetsuit rentals, surfing camps, watersport camps covering vast areas, bodyboard rentals

Liquid Dreams Surf

What is your biggest challenge as a retailer?

We want to be the go-to store for everything related to Paddleboarding and Supping, We want to be able to provide all services 365 days a year.

On a scale of 1 to 10, How healthy is the sport?


On a scale of 1-10, How likely will the sport continue to grow in this next year?


Where will we see the growth if any?

We are hoping to establish a larger variety of camps and tours for our customers. We want to grow with the customer service experience.

Any advice for manufacturers?

Keep trying new things.

What kind of paddling settings and conditions are near your shop?

There are a variety of conditions. The Ogunquit River is located just down the street, therefore we offer river settings at many different areas. Also including; York River and Cape Neddick River. There are also many different beaches including the Ogunquit Beach and York Beach. Both of these can be very different based on the winds and tides. There are also many lakes and ponds in the area.

What is it about paddling that gets you going in the morning? That gets you excited?

It is such an amazing feeling getting out in the water early in the day. It is such a great start and makes you so energized and ambitious for the rest of the day. It is such a calming and peaceful activity.

Describe your local paddle community. When do you get together and what are they like?

The paddle boarding community is growing exponentially in New England and we are meeting more and people that have a serious interest in paddle boarding and want to find out what it is all about. There are many diehard locals in the seacoast area that you will find paddle boarding no matter the conditions or the time of year. It could be a 15 degree day in January, but if the waves are good, they will be out there.

What local events do you have and what are their dates and locations?

We are a major sponsor for The Big Andrew Surf Competition. We also host the Paddle to the Point SUP race which has been a big draw for this area.

Best piece of SUP advice you give to paddlers?

Always try new places, if you possibly get bored with always going out at the same beach, there are hundreds of bodies of water that are at your disposal that you could give a shot.

What are your must-have accessories for every paddler?

A solid paddle is very important. Also, buy your SUP for the type of activity you are looking to do most often, not just because it is more affordable.