Leaning Against the Wind

YETI recently published their mini-documentary about Lauren Spalding the Hawaiian Outrigger canoe and SurfSki living legend.

Leaning Against the Wind

Conquering a 45-mile stretch of stacked waves, crashing currents, and blistering winds—13 times with just a paddle in hand and 12 times the Molokai solo champion of Molokai to Oahu —is just one way Lauren Spalding is considered a champion. Add Olympian and working parent to the list, and it’s safe to say she’s not only embodying her father’s push-the-limits fervor but is cementing her own unparalleled legacy in the history books, one wave at a time.

This short 11:00 minute video not only highlights this amazing athlete but shows her background and how she was built for the sport of paddling. Don’t miss the beautiful shots of paddling in some of the most beautiful waters in the world.

Trust and Believe