Lachie Lansdown, DJ O’Brien, Costner McIntosh take top finishes in 2018 Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race

Lachie Lansdown by Chris Aguilar

photo by Chris Aguilar, Fin Film Company

This is one of those magical events that happens each year without much fanfare, with no mainstream coverage, only the core paddlers with gear—thank you Chris Aguilar—and with boatloads of heart and soul for paddling. Congratulations to everyone who paddled out.

Chris Aguilar told me they had clean conditions this year. You never know what you’re going to get, so I’m glad it was smooth.

Lachie Lansdown by Chris Aguilar
photo by Chris Aguilar, Fin Film Company

Lachie Lansdown puts one a hell of a performance

This year, Lachie raced in the unlimited category. Lachie has now won the Catalina Challenge in both the Stock and Unlimited Divisions. Simply Amazing. According to Chris Aguilar, “It was a full gun fight going into the R10 with all the guys almost in a line. Lachie was so spent that he could not feel his feet at the end. The kid was barely able to paddle towards the finish. It was really heavy to see how hard he pushed himself.”

Lachie was followed by Pat Shaughnessy in second at a time of 5 hours 25 minutes and Max First in third with a time of 5 hours and 29 minutes

Stock Winner is Costner McIntosh with a time of 6 hours 9 minutes. Full, unofficial results below…

Congratulations to DJ O’Brien

DJ was the first female finisher in the Stock division with a time of 6:47. This was her 11th crossing and second victory. Marisa Kuiken was the second woman to finish with a time of 6:51, followed by Liz Hunter, and Sandrine Berthe. Congratulations!!!

Congratulations to everyone who made the crossing

Special congrats to Steve Shlem who’s facebook account made me realize how much a happy home life can translate onto the water and visa versa.

To Rennick Woods, who is just a beast and shows up, helps me with the Mullet and Paddle Monster. Great job.

Wayne Buckingham. Wayne was diagnosed in 2014 with stage 4 cancer, and just finished his 5th Classic at age 65.

Wally Buckingham!!!! Great finish!! I want to be there with you next year.

Joe Bark, you inspire me. The Crossing must feel like home to you, only more painful.

Dan Michaluk! Training on Lake Ontario, punching the clock when snow and ice force others to clock out. I want that nipper board.

And anyone else I missed… RESPECT.

Thanks for the unofficial results Wade Williford‎ and Loraine Gruber