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Spring Competitive week of Apr 3 – 9

Week 23 of the 2023 season and week 5 of the Spring Competitive Program for those warm climate paddlers who have been paddling all winter sees a continued higher workload focused on development of anaerobic threshold, aerobic power, lactate tolerance, neuromuscular speed and maintenance of aerobic base. This week there is some new work being introduced and incremental increases in load over last week. Please continue to ensure you do the intense sessions with the highest level of quality possible and make sure you do not exceed the prescribed level 2/3 effort in the base maintenance work. This work will continue to develop your higher intensity abilities in preparation for an end of April race. You should consider starting to use your pre-race warm up before the intense sessions. This will provide you with opportunities to refine your pre-race warm up, and this may lead to enhanced race performance.

If you have not yet acquired video for self analysis you should consider doing so this week. The sooner you can identify an issues requiring attention, the sooner they can be addressed. This is particularly important as the program begins to intensify.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask them in convos.

Have a great week!


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