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Spring Base week of Mar 14 – 20

The Spring Base Program replaces the Off Season Program for cold climate paddlers.  If you are not yet able to paddle please follow the instructions on the program.  Hopefully you will be able to paddle soon!

Week 19 of the 2022 training year is week 1 of the Spring Base Program for northern climate paddlers. This work is designed to increase specific aerobic base in preparation for the upcoming paddling season. It will also prepare those racing in late April at races like the Carolina Cup to be as ready as they can possibly be to race with their comparatively short lead in time on the water. Those that have been paddling already should have no problem completing this work and should focus on the quality of their paddling and attention to detail with regards to both effort and technique. Those that have not yet paddled should make technique a limiting factor as they do the work. Only go as hard or for as long as good technique allows. If you are in the middle of a piece and you feel your technique faltering then stop briefly, refocus and gather yourself, before starting again with better technique. It is most important for you at this point is to take as many good strokes as possible rather than grinding out long workouts. Try to do all the work, but only with optimal technique. Those that cannot yet paddle should continue to do the work as land-based cardio and should consider doing land-drills at for at least 10 minutes 5 times/week to prepare for when you are able to get on the water. As usual, I suggest you vary your land-based activities so as not to do too much of one type and risk the possibility of developing an overuse injury.

As always, if you are able to paddle it continues to be a good idea to incorporate drills into your warm up and cool down if the weather is not too cold. It also continues to be a very good use of your time to spend 10 minutes 3x/week doing land-drills, video of which you can find on the Paddle Monster website or the Paddle Monster YouTube channel. Investing this time in technique now is important to ensure you are paddling well when you start the more intense paddling work.

Please do your paddle work before strength work but strength work before cardio.

Have a great week and please do not hesitate to ask questions if you have them. For those returning to the water for the first time this season, stay safe and have fun!


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