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Summer Program week of May 15 – 21

This is week 3 of the Summer Program, replacing both the Spring Competitive and Spring Base Programs. Work this week sees similar structure to the last two weeks with a considerable reduction in training load to facilitate recovery of muscles, connective tissue and the nervous system and consolidation of gains made to date. Please resist the urge to do more work, even if you feel capable, understanding that periodic recovery is important both to ensure the highest quality training possible over the next two weeks and to ensure high level performance in both training and races over the entire long season ahead. If you have a high priority event in May or June you will need modifications as you’ll need to do higher intensity work. Please contact me in convos for modifications that customize the program to meet your specific needs.

As always, technique is extremely important. It is often easier to make and consolidate adjustments to technique in lower intensity work so it is essential that you address technique in drills both on land and on the water in warm ups and cool downs, and are mindful of technique while doing the work. Consolidating effective technique now will pay huge dividends in June, July and August when the program intensifies. Collecting some video for analysis is a very good idea so you can better determine what you need to work on.

Please ensure you continue to do the strength work as it is imperative to maintain strength through the summer. Strength work should be done after paddling so that your nervous system is fresh for paddling.

Be sure to address all stretching and recovery needs between training sessions. High volume work can lead to stiffness over time if you do not stretch sufficiently after long sessions.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions about this new work in convos. Have a great week!


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