Paddle Monster – Paddle Around the World

The New Paddle Challenge Series

Paddle Monster is super excited to announce the new Paddle Challenge paddling series. What was the 100 Day Paddle Challenge is now open to everyone and is starting our first challenge with the “Paddle Around the World Challenge”!

Paddle Around the World is not a paddle race, but a paddle community event open to all paddlers of all skills levels paddlers are invited to, starting September 5th, 2020, paddle as part of the Paddle Monster and VPL Paddle Challenge community to put in individually, as many miles/kilometers as you can toward the goal of collectively paddling around the globe! 

This circumnavigation attempt means that collectively we each paddle as far as we can starting on September 5th until we reach our goal!. Once done, you submit your distance per the instructions to the official distance site. Once submitted, everyone’s results are added together toward the goal of 24,901 miles / 40,074.3 km. How long will it take us to meet our goal??!
Remember, Net Proceeds of this event will be donated to the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

Visit the official Paddle Around the World page at!

So How does it work?

  1. Register at with whatever craft you like. Registration is 5$USD for existing VPL members and 10$ USD for new entrants. (You can also buy an AroundTheWorld race-t at cost plus the cost of shipping at the time of registration)
  2. Starting September 5th, paddle as far as you can and submit your distance. Use a tracking app/device/wearable like PaddleLogger, Garmin or Apple Watch, Speed Coach, or any other water tracking device and record your distance.  NOTE: Take a video, or a picture of your paddle results to submit with your results.
  3. Submit your results at including, preferably, a GPX extract from the tracking system you used (or a picture if you need to) AND submit up to 10MB of picture or video of your paddle!  
  4. You can monitor the event progression and distance (progress) as people submit their results on or on the website.
  5. Share your results on your social media platform of choice and link to Paddle Monster where the results will be posted and will be shared when complete!

What is behind this?  Well, we’re neck-deep in 2020 and it’s been a whirlwind of a year.  We thought that it’s super important to bring the paddling community together into a fun attempt at a goal that contributes to solutions to the global pandemic. 
The goal? It is to collectively work together to paddle around the globe and cover that distance as fast as we can!
Let’s bring this awesome paddling community from every continent together to participate in this community event and achieve this goal, and in the process, contribute to helping the world move ahead.
Share with your paddle friends and leave no stone unturned, let’s get as many paddlers on the water as we can! Post something exciting and fun to your social feed and show the world why as paddlers, we’re all in this together and we collectively enjoy the best sport on the planet!
Net Proceeds of this event will be donated to the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund –

A Special Surprise:

So by now, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s up with the photo/video submission request.  The end result, we will be taking the best videos, pictures of paddlers enjoying the sport we love and we will create a 5-minute commemorative video selecting the best pictures and videos! Be creative and be sure to highlight what is iconic about your paddle location! 


  • What type of paddle craft is allowed?  Any craft.  Kayak, SUP, Outrigger, Surfski, prone, canoe, etc!
  • What if I can only paddle a few miles? That’s ok! Every paddle stroke counts!
  • Why does this paddling event have a cost? We’re donating the net proceeds to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund
  • Who is Paddle Monster and what is the Virtual Paddle League? Paddle Monster is a paddle coaching and training group that helps paddlers around the world grow in their sport through community, expert, world-class training, and stoke! The Virtual Paddle League is the Paddle Monster virtual race group that has been keeping people active during the year of the pandemic.
  • What if I’m affected by the pandemic and have lost my job but would still like to participate? Contact us at and we’ll register you for free.  We’re all in this together.

Sign up today and starting September 5th, see how fast we can collectively paddle around the world! Follow our progress in real-time as people submit their distances!