Travis Grant joins Paddle Monster as Outrigger Canoe and Ocean Standup Paddleboard Coach

Paddle Monster, Inc. has added multiple Outrigger Canoe and Standup Paddleboarding World Champion, Travis Grant, as Head Outrigger Canoe Paddle Coach at  

Coach Grant will be specializing in training paddle athletes on OC-1 and OC-2s (one and two-man outrigger canoes) and assisting OC-6 (6-man outrigger canoes) coaches with training plans and technique for their OC-6 crews. Coach Grant will also be coaching SUP paddlers seeking trainmen from one of the world’s best ocean paddlers. Coach Grant will be coaching a select group of paddlers online through and the Paddle Monster App beginning on Friday, March 10, 2017.

Travis Grant was born in Australia, but currently lives on Oahu, Hawaii. Grant’s somewhat laid back yet serious deep-down, almost flawless approach to competition, has won him the support and following of thousands across his two chosen disciplines (outrigger canoe and SUP). Travis’ ocean experience and downwind paddling success provides a unique perspective for those paddlers pursuing competition in races such as the Carolina Cup, M20 (Molokai 2 Oahu), The Gorge Paddle Challenge, and the Pacific Paddle Games.

“I’m looking forward to joining the Paddle Monster to sharing my personal approach to paddling, my knowledge and the experience I’ve learned along the way.” says Grant, “My training sessions are quality instead of quantity and most importantly they are enjoyable.”

Travis is currently ranked as the #3 Mens Paddler in the SUP RACER World Rankings ( and will be coaching and competing at the highest level in 2017 in Hawaii, USA, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Europe.

Travis Grant’s 2016 accomplishments include:

  • OC-1 World Champion, winner of the 2016 Kona Brew Kaiwi Solo OC1 Molokai World Championship
  • Grant won every OC-1 event in Hawaii
  • 2nd place, Carolina Cup (NC)
  • 1st place OC-1, 4th place SUP, Olukai (HI)
  • 2nd place, Maui to Molokai (HI)
  • 2nd place, Molokai  M2O (HI)
  • 4th place, JM Survivor race (LA)
  • 4th place overall, Hood River (OR
  • 3rd place overall PPG (CA)


Travis Grants 2015 accomplishments include:

  • 1st place, Carolina Cup (NC)
  • 1st place, France (St Maxime)
  • 1st place, Spain (Mallorca)
  • 1st place, Maui Jim waterman series (HI)
  • 1st place, Molokai  M2O (HI)
  • 1st place, Hood River (OR)
  • 1st place, Japan (Kumano)
  • 2nd place, Olukai (HI) OC-1 and SUP
  • 2nd place, Maui to Molokai (HI)
  • 5th place overall, Pacific Paddle Games – PPG (CA)

“I’m incredibly excited to have Travis Grant join our team at Paddle Monster,” writes Larry Cain, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist and Co-Founder of Paddle Monster. “Travis is an amazing paddler and ocean athlete on a SUP, in a one man outrigger or on a ski, and he’s one of the people I enjoy talking about paddling with most. He has a really cool perspective on training and technique and a real enthusiasm for trying to understand what makes a paddled craft go and how it might be possible to go even faster. He is an amazing addition to our team.”

Travis Grant will be joining a team of the world’s best including Standup Paddleboard Coach Larry Cain, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist in Sprint Canoe and former Team Canada Olympic Sprint Canoe Coach, Teneale Hatton, Olympian and 6x World Surfski Champion, and Olympic Strength Coach, Chris Chapman for the 2017 paddle season.

“Travis brings another paddle discipline to our Coaching options. He is an incredible competitor and as a teacher and coach, we have been very impressed not only with his ability to create and execute training programs, but in his precise way of coaching paddler through each training session,” says Paddle Monster Co-Founder, John Beausang. “Travis is very specific on how to train and the skills needed to succeed, yet he is a new father and works outside the paddle world in regular job, so he knows how to work around a busy schedule and get the most out of each session, each week.”

Travis’ sponsors include: NSP, Surftech, Quickblade Paddles, Maui Jim, Olukai, Pacific Honda, Onit Pro, Kona Red, Kamanu Composites, UB Super, and “Stitch This” Canvas.

“When it comes to paddling anything, Travis Grant is certainly at the top of my list! People tend to know Travis for his accomplishments in SUP but not many people realize his true paddling roots are from Outrigger canoe and surf-ski. Travis is alone in winning Molokai in both SUP and OC1. I’ve enjoyed working with Travis over the last few years developing paddles and talking technique. He’s the “Real Deal” and a great guy to hang with!” —Jimmy Terrell, Owner, Mad Scientist, QuickBlade Paddles

For more information on how to join Paddle Monster and be coached by Travis Grant, go to

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