SUP 11 City Tour 14 week Training Program with Coach Seychelle on Paddle Monster

Starts June 3rd.
Cost $240 one time fee
Includes: 14 week training program written by Coach Seychelle – 3 X Grand Champion of the SUP 11 City Tour
Designed specifically to prepare you for the 220km ultimate SUP challenge.
This is a unique event that will challenge even the best of paddlers, but with proper guidance and support you can enter the competition ready to thrive!  Program modifications will be available for teams, individuals, non-stop, and 5-day stage participants.
Program includes: Weekly interval training program, weekly strength training program, all access membership to the pdlmnstr training app which includes coach’s bog, ask the coaches, paddlers forum, social networking, and a massive video library on all things paddle, strength training, and recovery.
Any questions can be asked at
Let’s do this!
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