Off-Season Paddle Training for Cold and Warm Climates Starts November 9th

paddleboard training
The Paddle Monster Off-Season Programs are designed to build the fitness foundation upon which a successful 2021 racing season can be built.
Programs specific to those in warm climates, who have regular access to the water for paddling, and those in cold climates who are unable to paddle regularly during winter months, are set to optimize aerobic base and strength.  Those who are able to paddle will be given on-water work that can continue to develop specific aerobic fitness while addressing the development of effective technique.
The first phase of the Off-Season Programs starts Monday, November 9 and runs till the end of January, at which time those preparing for major early season races (like for example the Carolina Cup) will begin a “Pre-Competitive” Training Phase, while those in colder climates will see intensification in their land-based work.