Hey Southern Hemisphere – It’s Your Time to Shine!

Southern Hemisphere Paddlers – Join Paddle Monster today and try us out by getting your First Month Free! Learn more below!

As the Northern Hemisphere paddling season comes to an end for all except the most diehard drysuit paddlers, which includes our own Coach Larry Cain – see badass picture to your left – it’s time for all our paddle friends in the Southern Hemisphere to start training!

The Paddle Monster coaching team supports paddlers globally, from Asia Pacific to North America. Paddle Monster welcomes everyone. We’ll meet paddlers wherever you are and welcome you into our sport and into our community. It doesn’t matter if they are on a 10’ planing hull or a 21’ OC-1, paddling for fun or for the win. You are all welcome, and if you want to grow your skill, we’re the place for you. With paddlers in their teens to their eighties, the Paddle Monster team has been consistently delivering the world stronger paddlers for over six years now.

What You Get

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and are reading to come on board, we offer training and coaching in:

  • Endurance Training – Programs for building paddle endurance for 6+ mile races including large, regional gatherings
  • Strength Training – Programs for building sport-specific paddle strength
  • Race Strategy – Content geared around how to prepare for, execute and reflect on race experiences
  • Technique Training – Skills training includes traditional skills programs that cover all major components of the stroke and also includes race starts, buoy turns, etc. advancing your on-water capabilities
  • Sports Nutrition and Performance – Race fuel from day-to-day and race-specific planning to developing healthy lifestyle habits
  • Time improvement programs – Coaching on how to improve your time, measuring against yourself in time-trails drills and programs
  • Paddle Technique and Technique Programs – Coaching on one of the most important parts of paddling, good technique. As a result, you’ll get the most return on your strength investment for each stroke

Our coaching programs result in you becoming a better, strong, and technically superior paddler. Learn more on our Fitness, Nutrition, and Strength Coaching Page or our Technique Coaching Page.

What You Get

Remember, when you join Paddle Monster, you have unlimited access to all of our private coaching specific content, videos, and write-ups on everything from board selection to the most intricate of technique discussions where we geek out on very specific topics like paddle grip as just one example! As a result, Paddle Monster is the most complete and paddler focused set of content available today anywhere.

To join and get your first month free, email us at info@paddlemonster.com and we’ll give you your special promo code!

If you’re unsure if Paddle Monster is for you, please reach out, we’d be happy to discuss your specific needs and see what we can line up for you!

Paddle Monster and our amazing paddle community, growing and improving the sport together!