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MyFitness Pal App

For those of you who are going to be training with me, please download MyFitnessPal app and create a user name.

It would be great if you could start tracking your diet now so we get a head start. Also make sure to make your food diary public so I am able to access it. Once we get started you can provide me with your user name so I can start tracking your nutrition log.

This is an app that allows you to log in everything you eat and it records all the nutrient info broken down into macro and micro nutrients from a huge database of foods. If a food isn’t in there you are also able to input it into the app. We will use it by inputting on your profile specific individualized goals for you to hit. It will keep you on track and allow me to assess your diet based on your performance and goal needs.
Remember! Try to be as accurate as possible. It’s easy to underestimate the weights of foods etc. at first you might want to consider a small scale to get used to serving sizes and weights etc.

Also, don’t worry. I don’t judge. It’s best for yourself and your progress to be as honest as possible. If you ate the cookie, just log it 🙂 no biggie.
It might seem like a hassle at first but once you get started it’s a super easy program that doesn’t require much time 🙂