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  • Kevin Kleiner posted an update 11 months ago

    Anybody have issues with oblique muscle strains. Seems to pull right after catch and beginning of pull

    • @victoriaburgess or @larry-cain any thoughts on this?
        • Hi Kevin,

          I don’t have any issues with oblique muscle strains and nor have I ever had any. On the other hand, if you are feeling your obliques through the stroke that is a good sign. Obviously not to the degree that you’re feeling them, but it is an indication that you are using the right muscles and pulling from the middle of your body rather than the smaller upper body muscles.

          If this issue continues, my suggestion would be to seek some professional help from a physio or athletic therapist. In my experience, the sooner you can get the proper advice and help, the sooner you can be back to 100%, avoiding more severe injury in the process.


            • Thanks for the help I’ve been working on more aggressive catch and it tugs on the pull side as I pull my feet through Getting better but don’t want to reinjure and miss any more time Definitely a technique issue because I’ve never had this before Thanks again
                • Again, I think it is actually good that you are feeling it because I think it means that you’re pulling with the right part of your body. We need to think about pulling with the middle of our bodies – hips, legs and core. Of course, it is painful it is an issue that requires the attention of a professional. He/she can treat the issue, suggest what you need to do to strengthen that area, and then you are even better equipped to paddle the way you are paddling using the body’s largest muscles in the best way possible.

                  I hope that makes sense.

                  Please keep me posted on how you make out.


                    • It’s been a while and my problem seems to be going away. With some coaching focused on more pressure early in the stroke and not pulling as long really helped. Plus an improved stance. Thanks again

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