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How to sell your gear and create a Classified Ad

As many of you know, Paddle Monster is a great place to list, review, buy, exchange and sell gear like SUP boards, Outriggers, Paddles, Electronics and more! Here’s some information on how to register to sell gear or contact sellers.

You to Log in if you are a member

If you have already joined and have a login, even if you have to reset your password and re-log in, you’re good to go and can list, contact buyers and find the perfect board to stack next to your perfect paddle, under your perfect OC.

You need to be Registered if you’re not a member—it’s free

To create an ad, you have to be a registered member of Paddle Monster. There is a free registration here.

We need to validate that you are human

It’s no surprise that there are bad people out there who want to scam you. To protect those legitimate paddlers who buy and sell their gear from the assholes, we have you confirm your real-ness via a mobile phone. It’s only for validation, not for anything else. We won’t call you or sell your information. We just want to make sure you’re you and not the Joker.

Shops and Paddlers are all welcome to list their gear.

How to add your listing

Registration is free, but listings are $25 each. We do our best to share them out to as many people as possible, especially through our email that goes out to thousands or paddlers. List any paddle gear, board, OC, surfski, kayak, whatever that floats like a boat or helps you paddle.

After logging in, go to this page. Have good images. Give as much detail as possible. Watch out for scams (see resources below) and remember that the people on this site are paddlers like you. Be nice.

Add a listing here

Resources to help you recognize scams

Facebook Marketplace Resource (Facebook article)

7 Peer-To-Peer Payment Scams And How To Avoid Them (Forbes Article)

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