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Fitness for Paddling – Getting More out of your Trips to the Gym
Making the Most of Your Gym Sessions I had intended this month’s Fitness for Paddling post to introduce...
Figure 1
Use a Resistor to Improve Technique and Develop Specific Strength
Improving Technique and Developing Specific Strength with a Resistor I don’t believe in spending...
Winter Paddling: Cold Weather Doesn’t Have to Keep You off the Water
Why and How Cold Weather Doesn’t Have to Keep You off the Water If you live in some place that’s warm...

2022 Starboard Allstar 14′ x 26″ Wood Carbon

Paddling Machines – Yes or No?
Winter Training and Thoughts on the use of Paddling Machines The most fundamental element of paddling...
Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 10.42
SUP Technique Errors and their Fixes – Errors Associated with the Exit
Errors Associated with the Exit In previous issues, we’ve looked at errors associated with the catch...
Screen Shot 2022-10-30 at 6.46
A Simple but Effective Way to Train Your Balance and Footwork on Land
Train Your Balance and Footwork on Land New paddlers, understandably, often feel uncomfortable and reluctant...
Off-Season Training
Off-Season Training Whether you’ve just finished your first paddling season, are an experienced paddler...
Why Every SUP Paddler Should Try Paddling OC-6
E lau hoe, mai na wa’a; i ke ka, i ka hoe, i ka hoe, i ke ka; pas aku i ka’aina. Everybody paddle the...
Figure 11
SUP Technique Errors and their Fixes – Errors Associated with the Pull
SUP Technique Errors and Fixes:  The Pull In previous issues, we’ve looked at errors associated with...
Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 5.39
Strength for SUP – Leg Circuit to Improve Power Endurance and Stability
Strength for SUP – Improving Power Endurance and Stability If you’re an experienced SUP paddler you’ll...
Take a Clinic- You Can Always Learn More
Take a Clinic: Why it’s a great idea, no matter how experienced you are Although I occasionally...
Fig 10
SUP Technique Errors and their Fixes – Staying “Inside” the Board
Staying “Inside” the SUP Board In last month’s issue we looked at the most common technique errors and...
Paddling Safety: In Over Your Head
SUP Paddling Safely Means not Getting in Over Your Head There is a fine line between pushing your limits...
Sight and Sound: Visual and Auditory Cues For Good Paddling
Visual and Auditory Cues  Paddling is a very sensory experience.  There’s a lot happening out on the...
Sup Strength: Adding Core Stability and Balance Training to your Lifting
Strength: Adding Core Stability and Balance Training to your Lifting Paddling, like many other sports,...
Choosing the Right Paddle
SUP Equipment: Choosing the Right Paddle When we think of choosing the right equipment for SUP paddling...
Paddling Faster and Avoiding Back Pain
Avoiding Back Injury and Paddling Faster It’s not uncommon for people to have low back pain.  Chiropractors,...
Figure 17
SUP Technique: Errors and Fixes Part 1 – Issues with the Catch
SUP Technique: Fixing Problems with the Catch Over the next few months we’ll be publishing a series of...
GPTempDownload 19
Measuring your Aerobic Capabilities with VO2Max Testing
Measuring your aerobic capabilities with VO2Max testing If you have been somewhere in the fitness world,...
Paddler's Paradises: The Tennessee River and Columbia River Gorges
A Tale of Two Gorges: The Tennessee River Gorge and The Columbia River Gorge
Paddler’s Paradises: Tennessee River and Columbia River Gorges Not all river gorges are made alike....
Traversing British Columbia’s Central Coast by SUP
Editor’s Note: Bruce Kirkby is a Canadian outdoor adventure athlete, author, professional speaker,...
Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 1.13
Paddle Foundations: The Six Fundamentals of Paddle Technique
The Six Fundamentals of Sup Technique All my years of paddling and coaching have led me to the conclusion...
Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 3.22
Paddle Strength Training: The Bench Pull and Body Row
The Bench Pull and Body Row Among the most common strength training questions I get from paddlers are...
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