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Spring Training Multi-Skill Ocean SUP Camp: March 4-7 in Fort Pierce, FL
4-day multi-skill camp Limited to 10 People The main focus is SUP surfing Includes ocean racing skills...
Paddling Injuries: How Loving the Conditions and Training Works when We are Injured
Dealing with Paddling Injuries Spend enough time on this website, or the Paddle Monster Facebook page...
Coach Victoria on Post-Covid Fitness
Paddle Monster Fitness and Nutrition Coach Victoria Burgess shares a presentation she put together recently...

Hurricane OC1

Chattajack Race Prep: Rookie Mistakes
Final Countdown to Chattajack So, we are a little less than two months away from Chattajack time –...
Fall Risk
Inland Paddler: Out of the Line Up Because of “Injury”
Off the Water Because of Injury “What did you do to your knee? You fall of your skateboard?” “Did you...
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Four Essential Chattajack Training Tools
Chattajack Training Tools Chattajack is just around the corner…in fact, today’s the start day for...
Gear Review: Options for Icing When Injured - The Hurt Skurt and Freeze Sleeve
Ice, Ice Baby: The Hurt Skurt and Freeze Sleeve If you do an activity or sport long enough, with enough...
Blown a Mile Offshore: What Would You Do?
Blown a mile offshore: What Would You Do? Several news stories captured my attention over the last few...
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SUP Downwinding Checklist: Catching Bumps and Staying Safe
SUP Downwinding Checklist – What You’ll Need to Start What is Downwinding? Downwinding is...
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So You Want to SUP Surf? What To Know Before you Go
So You Want to SUP Surf? Yes, you can surf a standup paddle board! It is super fun and in some ways,...
Beginning Racing: Your First Chattajack Race
Your First Chattajack Race Guessing that a whole host of first-time Chattajack racers  are signed up...
Bracing for Stability, or How Your Paddle is Your Best Friend
Your Paddle is Your Best Friend When I first started paddling sprint canoe many years ago the first thing...
SUP Travel: Let’s Talk about Waves and Beach Launches
SUP Travel: Let’s Talk about Waves and Beach Launches All this month, I am working from home which is...
Gear Review: Shower Toga - The Perfect Changing System
The Perfect Post Paddle Changing System I am always looking for the perfect changing poncho or system...
SUP Paddling In the Ocean for the First Time
SUP Paddling in the Ocean for the First Time When I teach beginning SUP classes, I am often asked how...
Paddling Solo Safely: Tech that Will Give You Peace of Mind
Using Tech for Paddling Alone Safely A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I wrote a post on handy...
Coach Victoria on Fueling Your Workouts the Right Way
Fueling your Workouts the Right Way! Hello Paddlers!! Can you believe it’s May!!! This part of the year...
Safety First - A Primer on How to Get Back to Paddling Safely
How to Get Back To Paddling Safely It’s that time of year -many of us are returning to our favorite paddle...
What You Should do Before that First Spring Paddle
Ah spring! That wonderful time of year when nature explodes after the dark, dank grey of winter and re-ignites...
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So, You Want to be a Better Paddler? Learn How to Sprint.
So, You Want to be a Better Paddler? I’ve long contended that sprinters (and here I am talking about...
Zoom Session - Winter Paddling
A ZOOM discussion with Coach Larry Cain on Wednesday, February 17th at 3 PM EST Coach Larry Cain will...
leave no stone gr
Zoom Session - Leave No Stone Unturned
A ZOOM discussion with Coach Larry Cain on Wednesday, January 27th at 3 PM EST Coach Larry Cain will...
Offseason: The Importance and Use of a Good Offseason Strategy
Join Coach Victoria where she talks about the importance and approach to offseason training. She also...
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