How to convert an insulated bike water bottle into one with a hose for paddleboarding

This is a step-by step video tutorial on how to make an insulated Polar water bottle into one with a hose for prone paddleboarding. It is one of the amazing tips we learned at the AMAZING prone paddleboard clinic by Cynthia Aguilar in June at Carolina Paddleboard Company.

What you’ll need:

Converting a water bottle to a water bottle with a hose

Camelbak_bitevalve tubing polarbottle


  1. Remove the top of the Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle
  2. Carefully cut the two sides of the white plastic center piece, pulling the remaining plug out of the top
  3. Cut approximately 30″ of hose
  4. Feed the hose through the hole in the valve—enough to reach the bottom of the bottle
  5. Slide the Camelbak Big Bite Valve Blue
    onto the opposite end of the hose
  6. Pull the black value out to vent and push in to close
  7. Fill, paddle, drink, repeat