The Save a Paddle Kit: Five Things Every Paddler Should Keep Handy

Save a Paddle Kit


Beyond the obvious – leash, life jacket, water, communication, first aid – here’s a cheat sheet for your Save A Paddle Kit…five things that can get you in the water, instead of heading for home when your gear fails. Provided you have them on hand when you need them.

  1. Pukka Patches, stickers or Heavy Duty Gorilla clear tape: These come in handy when your board gets dinged. Pukka patches and other brands can even be used in water, in a pinch.

2. Extra fin screws and washers: These things can go missing in a heart beat and if you can’t screw your fin in, well, you’re not paddling. Be sure to make sure they fit your board and fin. And have the right kind of screwdriver handy if you don’t use the kind that have thumb screws.  If your board’s fin uses FCS screws, have extras of those and a fin key at the ready.

3. Zip ties: These can do many things in a pinch, from leash string to emergency tie-down.

4. Sun Cured Epoxy and sandpaper: Learn how to use this for board repairs when a sticker won’t be enough.

5. Extra Fin strings: These can dry rot easily so be sure to have an extra handy so you can always attach your leash.

Place all these items in a small dry bag and carry them with you on the board or keep handy in the car.

Consider keeping extras of these items in the car just in case a paddle buddy needs an assist:

  1. Extra leash
  2. Extra paddle
  3. Extra fin
  4. Extra life jacket