Help Me Out: What Am I Missing Here?

Help Tim McAuley, ambassador for SIC Maui, pack for travel and training!
How many trips have you been on where you didn’t forget something important? 
You leave your toothbrush at home. Forget to bring your phone charger. Arrive at your destination with only the shoes on your feet. 
If you’re anything like me, you wait to the last minute to pack. 
You walk around the house, room by room, drawer by drawer, shoving things into your duffle. More socks than you need. 
You assure your partner that you have a system. And you play it off when you realize you left something behind. 
Rule number one of road trips: Always buy a toothbrush when you stay in a new town. 
Forgetting stuff is all fine and dandy when it’s a toothbrush. 
What happens when you forget to pack the protein powder that you’ve been training with for the past 6 months? 
Or the Goo…. the only goo that your stomach can handle after 2 hours of paddling?
Will you be able to find it where you’re staying? 
Don’t put yourself through that. Create a checklist. Print it out. Use it.
That’s where I need your help. 
I’m kind of new to the road tripping with my SUP thing. 
My first time taking a board more than 8 miles was while moving to Smith Mountain Lake last November. I didn’t know to twist the straps. 
Two HUNDRED and Eleven miles of loud buzzing later, and I still have my sanity. 
My second road trip was to Wrightsville Beach for the Carolina Cup. I picked up my Bullet 14V2. Georges Cronsteadt helped me strap it down. Less buzzing! 
(Thanks Georges)
I plan to do at least one race this year; The ChattaJack 31. 
That’s about 28 miles longer than the Harbor Island Race! 
Here’s what I’m taking so far. 
From Nose to Tail:
Board Shorts
Quick Dry Shirt 
Two Paddles (fixed length and adjustable)
Bike Lock
Duffle Bag (toothpaste, floss, deodorant, shampoo, soap, phone charger, computer and cords, notebooks and pens)
Hydration Pack
Roof Rack Foam thingys 
20’ Straps
Help a brother out. 
I’m new to distance training. Obviously, I need some nutrition to carry with me during the race. 
What works for you? 
Oh, and….
What am I missing here?
Tim McAuley is a writer and SUP instructor with
Tim packs for travel.