Get your Riding Bumps Code to Start Training!

But, for all of YOU who are getting ready for the SEA NYC race or the Chattajack or the 100 mile paddle, you’re going to want to get a Riding Bumps training plan. You need to start the 16 weeks NOW for Chattajack.

I’d recommend getting a plan and getting their book. The plan is just that–a training plan with instructions. The book has the exercises, nutrition tips, etc. I loved doing it. I can tell you, though, BEWARE of overtraining. They stress that a lot, but if you overtrain you WILL get grouchy and you WILL get a call from one of your best good friends (thanks John!) telling you to cut it out and dial it back before you kill yourself and everyone else.

I was pretty scared and excited for Chattajack last year, especially after my epic failure at the Carolina Cup, but the Riding Bumps plan helped me prepare and I was able to finish.

So get one!

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Great 16 week program.