Fuel for Paddling: Are you eating?

The key to jumping from a three mile rec paddle to a six mile training paddle (or beyond) is proper nutrition (food) and hydration (water + electrolytes).

I remember when I was in this phase and I texted my friend Kim and said, “I can make it 3/4 around Harbor and Money Island (about 5 miles to that point) and when I get in to swim, I feel totally exhausted and like I can’t keep going when I get out.”

“You’re bonking,” she said.


I was out of sugars.

And then there’s that time I completely spazzed out at the 2012 Onslow Bay Challenge, ate nothing but a couple of kind bars and drank a lot of gatorade and got heatstroke and threw it all up.

To help keep you from those fates, let’s have a refresher on paddle nutrition. Now, I’m not going to write that ’cause I ain’t no nutritionist. I are a copywriter.

Strongrabbit, our favorite nutrition columnist has gone to greener pastures, but before she hopped away (CHILLAX. SHE JUST HAS A DIFFERENT FULL TIME JOB. SHE IS STILL MRS. MULLET.), she left us with some goodies on this subject.

Pre-Workout Fueling

During-Workout Fueling

Post-Workout Fueling


Because I am the bossygirl, and I like to tell people about my opinion, here’s my Skratch Labs Hydration Mix review.

They have a new everyday mix, so that part is sort of null. I haven’t tried it yet, but I won’t paddle with anything else for hydration. It cured ALL of my heatstroke/dehydration problems.

The Mullet is trying some new things, so we’ll have some review for you soon!


What’s your favorite paddle nutrition/drink?

And what are you eating?