First SUP Steps: Learning to surf a race board by Jeramie Vaine

A lot of us think or believe that we could never ride a board, never mind a raceboard, in the waves.

The truth is we can. And here are a few tips to check out.

1. Start on a small day. And when I say small 1 foot or less. We are trying to find the feeling of gliding.

2. Add raceboard surfing to the weekly paddle routine. This is the biggest key. The more we play on the board in the waves the better we will be.

3. Knowing our limits. Fear is a powerful thing. So if we go out in a really changing day it can turn off that fire that pushes us out there. Look at the conditions. And the layout of the beach. Flat. Glassy and empty. Perfect day to learn. Big. Angry. And/or crowded makes for a tough go.

4. The right equipment. Having a good leash and leash string. The swim back to the beach is never fun. Especially watching your board can slammed onto the beach.

5. Stay Clear of Swimmers and Surfers

Get out there and catch some waves. This is a great teacher for drafting and downwinding so the skills start to intertwine.



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