Cynthia Aguilar’s favorite exercises for prone paddlers

Here are two videos Cynthia shared with the Mullet that she loves for helping strengthen and stretch the muscles prone paddlers (an everyone else) use sometimes to extreme levels.

The first (above) is from Foundation Training.

Prone Decompression: another solution to back pain. Strengthen the anchoring muscles below the pelvis, and the decompression muscles of the torso with our prone decompression video. Dr. Eric Goodman outlines the process of elongating and decompressing the spine.

This video WILL help you get better posture. In this video Dr. Eric Goodman walks you through simple Foundation Training exercises, that can help improve posture, alleviate back pain, and enhance athletic performance, by engaging the major muscle chains in your body and helping you identify and utilize proper movement patterns. Enjoy!

About Cynthia Aguilar:

Cynthia is a Miami Beach Lifeguard who paddled the 103-mile journey from near Cuba to Key West. It took her 29 hours and 13 minutes. She’s an amazing athlete and incredibly nice. If you get a chance to hang with Cynthia, to learn from here, take it.